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"Open your eyes, we're here now!"

It is June 5th 2019.
Muffle's 21st birthday.

Lavender and Illy collab to bring Muffle the best birthday gift she could ever ask for: a trip to an Actual Haunted House! It took them 2 weeks of development time 3 hours of walking in the woods to get there, but they finally reached it!

Okay, yeah, sure, nobody's ever actually lived in it and it's probably just some random McMansion that got built in the middle of the woods and abandoned due to lack of a buyer, but this thing's still got some mysteries behind its gates.

One thing is for certain however: they are all going to die tonight...
...at least once.

In this game, you can explore the mansion at your leisure, entering rooms and finding curious objects to examine. You may even meet some interesting characters!

However, it is very very very likely that you will die shortly after... but that's okay!

Upon reaching an ending, your party will usually find themselves in the main room with most of their progress from shortly before the fatal event. This makes collecting endings easy!
Do note that there are some endings that you can be locked out of as you go on.

Can you manage to obtain all 13 unique endings in one run?

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  • 06/06/2019 08:43 PM
  • 06/19/2019 03:41 AM
  • 06/06/2019
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Woah, this looks really cute! Definitely checking it out later.
Comedy? Is this really a horror game? I am hesitantly giving it a try.

Edit: Finished it. It is not a horror game.

It is however an entertaining 20 minutes.
Definitely a horror game, amazing horror birthday game, love it, lizard ending ftw! Gahhh best game 100% no bias intended.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Can you manage to obtain all 13 unique endings in one run?
^This underlined should lead to a link that shows a walk through at some point. :P
I believe you can. Lavvy has the final word on that though.
It is possible to get all 13 numbered endings. No guarantees on the a/b variations, especially the two variations of the final ending which are dependent upon whether or not a particular item was used.

As for writing the guide, I'll leave that to whoever wants to do that-- I have other more pressing things to do lately.
(I can link it in the correct place if presented with it however)
-Look at the sparkle at the front of the door when you first come in and select yes
-Eat the cake in the room to the left
-Give Muffle money for the vending machine
-Fight or give up against the water monster (believe it's a a) and b) scenario depending on the choice, both have different reactions)
-Enter the lizard room in the basement, the door to the right on 1F
-Upon meeting Tempus do not duck the rainbow scythe
-Refuse to give Tempus the urn from the water monster twice
-Do not get the bone juice on the room to the right on 2F and then gamble with the skeletons behind the curtains in the room past Tempus
-After getting Tempus favor go to the lizard room again, cannot be done after getting the bomb for Tempus.
-Do not pick up the cake and enter the elevator (best ending)
-Use the battery in the basement
-Let the timer run out before exiting the house
Final Ending A) Do not enter the lizard room with Tempest's Favor
Final Ending B) Enter the lizard room with Tempest's Favor

Now that I think about it Tempest was a different person from the other guy right? I can't remember his name lol
It was Tempus and Seeeeeeth
Oh yeah that's right. rip xDDD I was too lazy to double check on my letsplay.
yeah, Tempus and Seth.
Some things of note:
-the Lunatic's Nautilus isn't an urn, it's one of those big spiral-y shells, charged with (butterfly-type) aura power since it's a keepsake given to Tempus by a long departed friend
-This is mostly only explained in the story Tempus Epoch which I posted in artyfarty a couple weeks back, but Tempus is of a nonbinary gender, in contrast to Seth being male. Tried to make this at least somewhat apparent by having Lavvy refer to Tempus with they/them pronouns, but I suppose a detail like that is difficult to catch sometimes.

Thank you for writing up the ending guide!
I couldn't remember the name of the water monster nor the name of the urn shell.

and I see, yeah I don't really catch those details, I'll remember that, I like that a lot :3

No problem, I did it by memory so sorry for any messups lol, like seth and tempus LOL
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