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Demo Available!

Today we're releasing an update to Naima's Melody pre-alpha demo, which includes many new features!

Pre-Alpha Demo

Would also appreciate your feedback here or on our discord!

Progress Report

Demo and Day/Night Cycle update

First, the pre-alpha demo is going very well. We are keeping it available to members of our discord currently as we do the usually bug clean ups. By the end of next week we should have a copy of the updated demo available on this websites page as well.

Now onto Day/Night cycle, we are currently adding in the system and wanted to give a preview of the nighttime!


Discord and Pre-Alpha Demo today!

Hello everyone, great news! We set up a discord if you want to chat more with us devs and keep an eye out on recent updates. We also will be releasing our pre-alpha demo as well on discord first later this afternoon, so you can finally get a feel of the actual game play yourself! :D

Progress Report

Hit/Block animations

Another update this week!

Some feedback we were receiving was to add hit and block animations, so we did!

Progress Report

Playing with fire!

Don't touch it though, you will be burned! xD

Progress Report

Gameplay weather visuals

Depending on the time of day and/or weather conditions, your open world travels will be accompanied by friendly clouds overhead!

Game Design

Frog traveler?

Your adventures will have you cross paths will all sorts of strange characters.

We would love your suggestions, what strange new characters should we craft up next? :D


Open world teaser!

Hey everyone! We have a brand new teaser (our longest one yet) of the open world travel system. It includes horseback riding, some nature, as well as various things you can encounter in Naima's Melody!


Happy 4th!

Hey everyone, we decided to make a special scene to celebrate another 4th! :D

Progress Report

Starting intro/title screen update

Took some time this week to put together the title screen for Naima's Melody! This uses mode7 and hopefully conveys that feeling of an adventure awaiting the player. Enjoy! :D (posting this on main post as well)

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