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The synopsis of this game is.. Well, to help tiny monsters, unlike the current pokemon games, you do not catch them (Although you can!) You just boop them til they are happy. That's basically all I have for now though.. I want to continue to build upon this as I draw the chibis.

This is my first step into publically displaying one of my many game project's that I have been working on. For this fan project in particular, it's very non-linear! Since I have been making Poke-Chibi's daily, I figured, why not compilem them all into a playable little game of sorts! I will try to update this weekly.. But for now expect this to be riddled with bugs and the like.. Please notify me as I continue to work to make progress with this.

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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
This is adorbs
I'm waiting for this game. Very interesting.
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