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Earth 2120.

Seventy five years have passed since the great atomic fires nearly scoured all life from the planet. Mutants, twisted by radiation and disease lurk in the shadows of mankind's once great buildings, while gangs rummage through the wastelands, preying on anyone weaker than them.

You play as a junker; a drifter with no place left to call home, wandering from ruin to ruin, salvaging anything of value. A passing merchant told you of a great iron tower in the middle of the New Mexican desert, where clean water and electricity can still be found, and who's denizens pay handsomely for any salvaged technology. With nowhere else to go, you've resolved to find this strange city.

Will you be able to solve the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic wasteland? Or will you die alone and forgotten in the desert?

Pilgrim's Road was created for the Abrupt Ending Party Event. It's fairly short and simple, though it does have a few custom systems, and offers (relatively) in-depth character creation.

If you like classic Fallout, this game might tickle a few nostalgia bones.

Latest Blog

Looking Ahead

To begin with, if you watched the stream you probably noticed that the encounter rate was obnoxiously high. Well, thanks to the efforts of Oldpat, Grindalf, Lockez, and Illy that's been fixed. No longer will you need to slaughter roughly fifty million mutants to clear the Cyclops Array.

Anyway, it'll be a slow process, but I'm planning on revamping some parts of the game. In the immediate future, I'm planning on overhauling the battle system. This is going to mean adding in new weapons for the player to use, new enemies to fight, and giving each enemy at least one unique quirk.

So, for example if you try to use a melee weapon against a Fire Slug, you might damage yourself, and the enemy and a flamethrower just isn't going to do anything, whereas a Brain Roach might be able to do the Astartes Part 4 thing to any ammo you fire at it, meaning that melee might be a better option.

New weapons and ammo won't be purchasable in Trader's Haven, but you will be able to find them randomly in dungeons. I'm hoping that this will help prevent the player from having Scrooge McDuck levels of wealth from all the salvage they find, and also hopefully make dungeon crawling a bit more interesting and rewarding.

Once that's done, I'll look into adding in an experience and level up system. There is a way to prevent the Pilgrim's from blowing up the bomb, but it requires at least 17 INT, and four specific skills. But, I'm thinking if you can gain skills after character creation, it'll be a lot less obnoxious.

Progress will be a bit slow. I know I said I wouldn't because I didn't have any ideas, but at the last moment I got a bit of inspiration for the A Rainbow of Positivity event and making sure that project gets done on time and is bug free is going to be my main priority for now.
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  • 06/17/2019 04:12 PM
  • 10/14/2019 02:44 PM
  • 06/14/2019
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Haha, thanks MacBob. I'm not sure about epic, but for a game made in like (I think it was eight days?) it could have definitely been a lot worse.
I think it captures the spirit of Fallout 1/2 pretty well despite the limitations. The combat is easily the weakest link of this game, it could stand to be more engaging. I look forward to future updates.
One of the best things I've ever seen on this site. It's hard to believe this was made in RM2003. I look forward to future updates.
Wow, thanks CarlosDavilla.

Anyway, I've got a few things planned. Hopefully I won't disappoint anyone.
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