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Hi there, to anyone who's played the game before. I apologise for the errors, where it was missing animation files, and therefore it wouldn't work. I've now put in those files, and I've fixed a few other things with the game. Enemies no longer have their attributes increasing as you go up levels. I found that this was making the play through an endurance test, as opposed to being fun. I've also fixed the save points so that the bivouac item now recovers the party's HP/MP when used, it used to only work up to a certain character being unlocked. Hope you enjoy the game, and if you do find further errors, please post a message here, or send me a PM and let me know. I'd really appreciate it, as opposed to unknown faults being in the game.

A country with a very strange constitution. Due to Amonena's historical laws, a cat has been elected as their head of state. This has never happened before. Yet when a single apathetic citizen, with nothing else to do, decided to put forth their pet as a potential candidate for Prime Minister, there was no thought among the public of taking any movement, protest, or action against it.

Who would have so little faith in Amonena's leadership that they'd cast their vote for a feline?

Now, though, things have started to go downhill in the corridors of the government. The deputy Prime Minister, Weston, has now got full control over access to the cat. No one can see the cat, except by Weston's approval.

The opposition leader, Penny Bradelgast, has been interviewed on national television about this problem, and the fool who nominated this cat in the first place, has made up their mind to meet her, and try to return things to a state of normality in the politics of Amonena. Of course, they'd never tell Ms Bradelgast that they were the one who started all this chaos.

It seems that the cat couldn't care less about ruling the country. Weston has held the position of Prime Minister before, but what is he trying to get out of it this time?

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Updated the download file. A folder wasn't included which is necessary for the Yanfly Doodads plugin. Apologies to the few who've downloaded this and it didn't work.
I've realised that there was an error in the programming affecting the save points when swapping characters, where it would return the player to the wrong screen. This has now been corrected.
cant play the game (I downloaded it today)

after i type my name in the loading screen this come up:
"Failed to load: img/doodads/Tables/Kitchen Table B.png"
pls help

Sorry. I know what happened. This is a repeat of what happened in my first post. I've updated the file. It now works properly again.
Uploaded the latest demo.

Just a little note.

If you play it just by following the plot, this demo might not seem like it's added much. You're encouraged to go "off the beaten track" to find the new characters you can unlock, etc.

Complete version of the game has been uploaded.
Just made a very small update on the game. The instructions on where to go next (When you bring up the map) have now been completed so it follows through for the entirety of the game. It doesn't suddenly stop giving new instructions when you're about half way through.

Also, status resistances have also been updated. Every enemy in the nemesis round in the battle arena, is now immune to all status ailments.
I've put up one last update. I think everything is working perfectly now.

- Cut scenes now work properly, with the characters who are currently in your party being displayed properly.

- A few typos have been fixed.

If you see anything which still needs to be fixed up, please post a message and let me know.
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