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A country with a very strange constitution. Due to Amonena's historical laws, a cat has been elected as their head of state. This has never happened before. Yet when a single apathetic citizen, with nothing else to do, decided to put forth their pet as a potential candidate for Prime Minister, there was no thought among the public of taking any movement, protest, or action against it.

Who would have so little faith in Amonena's leadership that they'd cast their vote for a feline?

Now, though, things have started to go downhill in the corridors of the government. The deputy Prime Minister, Weston, has now got full control over access to the cat. No one can see the cat, except by Weston's approval.

The opposition leader, Penny Bradelgast, has been interviewed on national television about this problem, and the fool who nominated this cat in the first place, has made up their mind to meet her, and try to return things to a state of normality in the politics of Amonena. Of course, they'd never tell Ms Bradelgast that they were the one who started all this chaos.

It seems that the cat couldn't care less about ruling the country. Weston has held the position of Prime Minister before, but what is he trying to get out of it this time?

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Several bug fixes

A thank you to Gorha for taking the time to list the bugs encountered in the game.
The following bugs have now been fixed.

  • Empowerment now restores MP to an ally (It was a formula error)

  • Antibiotics always works, and cures all status ailments. Natural Cure cures all status ailments and removes de-buffs.

  • Poisoned Chalice targets enemies.

  • Flower Squirt costs TP not MP. Hamish never had MP in the first place.

  • A Fire Ring is added to your equipment after the battle with the Chilis

  • The missing parallax files have now been fixed.

  • The problem with the forest tiles in the volcanic area, and the ones in Drakenford have been fixed.

  • The skills Argument, Protest, and Riot work properly (Formula error again)

  • There are now enemies who are weak to ice. Plant enemies and ground type enemies are now affected.

Thanks again to Gorha for pointing these bugs out to me.



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  • MoonWolfV
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  • 06/18/2019 04:31 AM
  • 09/05/2023 04:31 AM
  • 06/18/2020
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Updated the download file. A folder wasn't included which is necessary for the Yanfly Doodads plugin. Apologies to the few who've downloaded this and it didn't work.
I've realised that there was an error in the programming affecting the save points when swapping characters, where it would return the player to the wrong screen. This has now been corrected.
cant play the game (I downloaded it today)

after i type my name in the loading screen this come up:
"Failed to load: img/doodads/Tables/Kitchen Table B.png"
pls help

Sorry. I know what happened. This is a repeat of what happened in my first post. I've updated the file. It now works properly again.
Uploaded the latest demo.

Just a little note.

If you play it just by following the plot, this demo might not seem like it's added much. You're encouraged to go "off the beaten track" to find the new characters you can unlock, etc.

Complete version of the game has been uploaded.
Just made a very small update on the game. The instructions on where to go next (When you bring up the map) have now been completed so it follows through for the entirety of the game. It doesn't suddenly stop giving new instructions when you're about half way through.

Also, status resistances have also been updated. Every enemy in the nemesis round in the battle arena, is now immune to all status ailments.
I've put up one last update. I think everything is working perfectly now.

- Cut scenes now work properly, with the characters who are currently in your party being displayed properly.

- A few typos have been fixed.

If you see anything which still needs to be fixed up, please post a message and let me know.
With the premise of a cat being elected Prime Minister, I was expecting... more jokes, I guess? This is satire so dry it's hard to tell whether it even is satire. It's an interesting approach, at least.

I do like how there seem to be a lot of sidequests and recruitable characters. I picked up the doctor in the first town and found several other quests or quest hooks to come back for later in the game.

I'm stuck trying to figure out the password to get into the data center. Isaac says to look at the number of things in the room, but the password is 7 digits long and even if you count stuff like the individual ridges on the exhaust pipe as "things", they don't add up to more than 2 digits. I tried 0-99 to make sure, and even tried counting the tiles on the floor a few different ways, but no luck.
I'm stuck trying to figure out the password to get into the data center. Isaac says to look at the number of things in the room, but the password is 7 digits long and even if you count stuff like the individual ridges on the exhaust pipe as "things", they don't add up to more than 2 digits. I tried 0-99 to make sure, and even tried counting the tiles on the floor a few different ways, but no luck.

I've PM'd you with the solution. It's to do with all the physical "objects" in the room. None of the puzzles rely on obscure details like having to count the tiles, or things like that. :)
Ah, thank you! I downloaded the new version to see what the added hint was, and it definitely does a better job of pointing you in the right direction... although even with that hint, I think it's on the obscure side. It's also kind of weird that Isaac seems to know the answer but won't just come out and say it. But in any case, I got through that dungeon, so I'll continue with the game.
Finished the game today. I did quite like finding and trying out a bunch of characters. I had a total of 12 in the party at the end, and most of them were useful at some point. I still wish there were more jokes in the main story, although real-world politics are so absurd as to be beyond parody, which may be the point. I did get a kick out of
fighting the chili peppers with angry eyes and the piles of living trash in those sidequests.

I encountered some bugs:
The main character's Empowerment skill is supposed to restore MP to an ally, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Leon's Antibiotics skill says it's not guaranteed to work, but I never saw it fail. I might've just been lucky, though. Honestly, I think it's better if it is guaranteed anyway, since status ailments were most threatening early in the game, before he learned the better version that's supposed to work all the time.

Ethan's Poisoned Chalice skill is supposed to inflict status ailments on an enemy, but it targets allies instead. It does inflict ailments, though.

Hamish's Flower Squirt skill can't be used because he has no MP. This one's a real shame, as lots of enemies are weak to water and I never got anyone else with a water skill. Hamish ended up being the only character I recruited but never used.

After defeating all the chili peppers in the field in Bergaln, talking to the farmer who let you in rewards you with a Fire Ring, but the ring isn't actually added to your inventory.

The game stops working upon entering the volcano area on the way to Drakenford because steam.png isn't present in the img/parallaxes folder, and in Drakenford itself because pollution.png isn't present. Creating blank files with those names fixed the problem, and fortunately there are save points near those areas, so I didn't lose much progress.

The forest tiles on the east side of that volcano area look like they shouldn't be passable, but they are. On the other hand, there are a couple of tiles in Drakenford, right above the museum, that look like empty street but are not passable.

I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but the icon for the main character's damaging skills Argument, Protest and Riot, and the fact that they use TP, suggest that they should be physical attacks, but they don't seem to improve with increases to the atack stat. For comparison, the martial artist's skills have the same icon and also use TP, and they definitely do scale with attack. I gave both characters Stilettos and a bunch of hammers near the end, so they had around 3000 attack, and they were both doing around 12k damage with normal attacks, but Flurry Fist was hitting the final boss for around 25k x4 after Hype Speech, while Riot was only doing a little over 3k.

Looking through the bestiary, I don't see any enemies that are weak to ice? I never recruited a dedicated ice user, not sure whether there even is one, but I did find a character who used fire, ice and thunder, and as it is he might as well have only had fire and thunder.

The equipment upgrade system made for some wonky balance at times, but I kinda liked that? It kept me on the lookout for new strategies, at least. At the beginning, I could barely afford anything, so it was all about trying to stall with status attacks, mainly Veto, while chipping away at the enemies' HP. Then Hype Speech became my solution to every fight for a little while, and then I started getting magic users right around the time enemy damage and defense started to skyrocket, so they were the only characters worth using for a while (and during that time, attacks from either side typically took off over 50% of the target's HP, sometimes 100%). Then the martial artist joined near the end, and I actually had money by then, so juicing her up with hammers and buying everyone full sets of armor for the first time made the last few areas actually kind of easy, especially since it made Hype Speech good again. Always fun to just wallop enemies with huge numbers in RPGs.
Hi Gorha, thanks for pointing these bugs out to me. I think I know what happened with the "Steam" image, it shouldn't be hard to fix.

I'll begin working through the list over the next few days. (I mean this afternoon)

Cheers :)
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