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I've realised that parts of this game will be quite difficult if you don't have access to certain party members. This list should make things a bit easier.

Here's a list of every recruitable character in the game, a description, and their location.

Main Character a.k.a You

The person who threw Amonena's political system in to chaos, by nominating their cat, during a moment of apathy regarding the country's electoral campaign. They're now trying to put a stop to it, but they aren't going to let on that they were the one who was behind all this in the first place. Mostly uses non-elemental attacks.


The leader of the opposition party. She's doing her best to oust the Prime Minister and Weston. As well as having the Main Character as an ally, she also has Emma, from the archives department, and another unlikely member of the government, also throws in her lot as the plot progresses. Skills influence Buffs, Debuffs, and statuses.

Location: Palvilus > Government Buildings


Landlord of the Silly Old Duffer. His skills affect buffs, debuffs, statuses, and also restore TP.

Location: Palvilus > The Silly Old Duffer


Doesn't become an active party member, but can supply you with vending machine products any time outside of battle.

Location: Palvilus > Outside Confectionery, Cola, and Chips


A GP who works at the surgery in the neighbourhood in Palvilus. It's strongly recommended to have him in your party, as he fulfills the role of the "White Mage" in the game.

Location: Palvilus: Neighbourhood > Surgery


The last surviving member of the Farrowshire Royal Family, who ruled the Amocenian empire 400 years ago. During an assault on their castle in the final years of their reign, she was struck in combat by a creature of darkness. Shortly afterwards, she'd found that she'd become a vampire. Has skills which deal physical damage, drain HP, and can confuse the enemy.


Mountain range, north of Pasil > Snowy Vale


A mermaid. Try searching near the ocean. She doesn't like to be dry. Her skills involve healing, and dealing water elemental damage.


Southern Beach


A wizard who has studied the three basic elemental spells. Very helpful as he's only one of two characters who can learn lightning, ice, and fire elemental skills.


Mountain range, north of Pasil > Tower


An electrician at the hydro-electric dam. As her trade suggests, she is focused on lightning skills.


Hydro Dam


A clown who works with the traveling circus. He has non-elemental, fire, and water, attacks. Likes to play sideshow games when he's not working.

Traveling Circus > East of Laotus, South of Vilrus


The instructor at the gym in Aumuris. All her skills rely on physical attack power. She has the ability to counter any normal attacks which come her way.

Aumuris > Gym


A historical enthusiast and likes to participate in medieval re-enactments. Runs an antique shop. He's looking for a particular sword for his collection.




A hairdresser in Laotus. She won't join you in the normal way. Has water, wind, and fire based skills. Also has some status effect skills.


Laotus > Salon


He's a bit of a drawback since his skills effects are determined randomly. However, for the short time he is compulsory, his higher magic stat lets him deal higher damage with spell casting items.


Palvilus: Neighbourhood > The Geek Zone


Has a rather suspicious attitude. She might change it after a major event in the game.

Palvilus: Neighbourhood > Apartment Blocks


A farmer from Vilrus who grows very high quality crops. They have more health benefits than anything bought from a convenience store.




A chef who has opened up a Mexican restaurant in the neighbourhood in Palvilus. Has a bit of a fiery personality, and his skills match this.


Palvilus: Neighbourhood > Paco's Mexican Restaurant


The local mad scientist. But she isn't evil. Lives in a small lab to the north of the neighbourhood in Palvilus. Has recently invented a flying motorbike. If her quest is fulfilled, she rewards the party with a fast travel system, allowing instantaneous access to any major location that the party has already been to. Rachel can't be put in the active party.


An elderly critic of the current government. His opinions have led to him being locked up in the prison south of Palvilus. Mostly specialises in Buffs / Debuffs, and non-elemental attacks.


Prison > South of Palvilus


Works at the rubbish dump and is a passionate environmentalist. She has a potent healing skill, which can only be cast on her. Her other attacks cause or cure status effects.

Rubbish Dump > North West of Palvilus


Runs an ice cream shop in Vilrus. Mostly specialises in ice elemental attacks.