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Main Characters from "Around me, crimson-stained leaves".
This story takes place during the first of October of 2015.

Alan Oakley (17 years old / May 5, 1998 / Taurus)
The protagonist. Reserved and curious, Alan spends most of the time lazing around, lost in his thoughts. He's not a fan of scary stuff, however, the trip to "Crimson Leaves" sounds to him like an opportunity to clear his mind and distract himself.

Rebecca Nichols (17 years old / December 26, 1998 / Capricorn)
Rebecca is a friendly, confident and relaxed girl who tries to be positive most of the time. Being Lisa's best friend, she doesn't hesitate to accept the invitation to visit "Crimson Leaves", thinking it'll be a fun experience.

Lisa Stevens (18 years old / February 26, 1997 / Pisces)
An energetic and charismatic girl, lover of horror stories and urban legends. She runs an account on Mylife, one of the biggest social media sites. After reading about "Crimson Leaves" on a weird internet blog, she quickly decides to visit the abandoned town as a way to gain more followers on her account.

Jake Henderson (19 years old / January 30, 1996 / Aquarius)
He's a fearless, easy-going guy, lover of entertainment, jokes and good times with friends. Though he didn't get the idea of visiting "Crimson Leaves" at first, his girlfriend Lisa convinced him to go. Runs a Mylife account where he uploads most of his life.

Carl Fletcher (17 years old / July 23, 1998 / Leo)
"Shy and insecure" might be a good way to describe Carl. He's Alan's closest friend, and a well-intentioned person. Though he didn't like the idea of visiting the town of "Crimson Leaves" at first, he thought it would be a good opportunity to spend time with his friends. Loves to play videogames.