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Progress and Announcement^^

  • DerKIAS
  • 03/05/2021 10:02 AM
Hello friends! It has been quiet here for quite a while ^^

So let me throw some new screenshots and a video at you :P

The lighting of TSW is still making great progress, thanks to the good Stitch :)

After a lot of back and forth I finally found the right artist for the battle backgrounds ;)

Here is a small preview video of a non-story-relevant cut scene. Anyone who played the old demo already knows it in an outdated form.

In the meantime there has of course been an incredible amount of updates and progress in the game.

If you always want to be up to date, it is best to join my Discord server:

TSW Discord Server

As some of you may still remember, the new demo should appear at the end of last year. Unfortunately I was unable to do this for various reasons.

The new release date is June 30th, 2021 :)

That's it for this time, see you soon ;)


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Looks amazing! The only thing i want to add is, that there should be a black screen or another indicator that he fell asleep... at least if he didn't refer to sleeping before. I am not entirely sure from this clip if he slept because of the elven magic or if he meant the little "nap" he had before.
Anyways very nice. Have a good one.
I will keep sitting on the discord to see how this turns out.

Have a good day.
Thank you @dasgibtesnet! He is referring to the 1000 year long sleep he was trapped in a seal before. This cutscene is not the beginning of the game or so. Everything will be clearly understandable when playing the game :)
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