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Updated Battle System (WIP) ;)

  • DerKIAS
  • 05/25/2020 01:18 PM


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Alright. This looks beautiful. A casting animation/posture while using spells is always very welcome for me. Nevermind that you dont just use a standard casting animation for each spell (You yourself got that dark whirlpool while the skeletons got that arcane sign thingy). That is really good. Also you forgot to change it into english given that most on this site speak english it would probably be better to do so, even if this is just to show of animations. (German is my first language so i really dont mind just general advice)

Though that magic is weaker then a normal attack, if this stays like that (which i admit is unlikely), is kinda stupid. Especially if you hit the weakness. I mean a normal attack (that doesnt use ressources) did 16-18 while a magic spell did 11 which hit a weakness is just wrong.

I might think so because i favor mages, but spells should have an impact proportional to the ressource used. You just used a spell you can use what? 6 times? That did around 30-40% less than a normal attack? Thats just wrong.

But apart from that it looks very beautiful. Have a nice day!

Edit: Maybe have status effects be inflicted by normal attack spells like a burning effect from the flame. That would go a long way to make it more useful if the damage stays close to the same.
@dasgibtesnet Hey there! Thanks for your feedback! Glad you like it ;)

So the plan is to finish the demo in German first and then translate it to English.

Of course you are right with the magic being weaker than the attack is totally wrong :D
That is because the balancing isn't done yet, but don't worry it won't stay like that.

Also the flame magic can already inflict a burning state it just didn't happen in that battle above :)

Thanks again for the feedback!

Hello Kias!

Yes i thought it might be the case that balancing isn't done yet (I just acted on the possible case of it maybe being "final" as small as a chance it was) and I am happy to hear that magic can do status effects.

Though I would probably consider how you want to burn skeletons... I mean if it gets rid of their wooden shield, clothes or the like it would be cool but for burning bones you need a really strong flame as far as i am aware. Though it might be magical fire so rules of science outta the window next to me =P But to get to my point for a potential idea think about what status effects might stick on foes. Maybe that could be a fun mechanic. Just food for thought =P (It might be hard to implement things like burning the shield for each enemy, especially maybe even expensive so yeah take it with a very big grain of salt. loL)

Have a nice day, yet again. =P


@DemonClaus @NoBody13 Thank you very much guys! The demo that includes the first full chapter, will release later this year! :)
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