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Into the Stars:
This game is the second major project I am taking on. The game play will be really different depending on what class you pick for the main Character.

The Four Classes:

Gunner: This class has no skills what so ever. Only the gunner however can use the most powerful weapons the machinegun and shotgun. If you pick the gunner class, you will be doing a lot of fighting.

Tech: The Tech class is the only class that can open crates and treasure chests. If you don't have a Tech with you and you cannot find the password. You may find yourself running low on supplies, and always going the long way around. The tech class can only use handguns for a weapon.

Mechanic: The Mechanic is slow but he makes up for it in ability. The mechanic can kill a robot in a single strike. With a mechanic you can reprogram a number of robots to fight along side you for the mission. If you come across some broken equipment that needs fixing you better bring your mechanic.

Doctor: The Doctor Class has no attack power. Thats right none at all. However with healing items very scarce and expensive in space. You may need him more than you think. Also if some people need healing, if you don't have a doctor you will have to watch them die.

Some noteable features:
No Random Battles
Multiple Mission Pathways
Kaduki Sideview Battle System

The Story:
The Year is 3012. You are the Captain of a smugler's spaceship, The Black Falcon. Most of the jobs you do are legit, but once in a while you stray from the legal path. One fateful day while delivering some cargo to Zolaris, a Wongton Empire planet. You stumble in to an attack from an unknow force. Being as the Wongton Empire is the bigest and most powerful Empire in the known universe. You are shocked to find someone has attack them. You land your ship to try and help people evacuate, When you have a run in with the attackers. They call themselves Earthlings.

Latest Blog

Release Something Tech Demo

This is a very short and very rough first release. Tell me what you think. Still working things out so far. However I do like what I have so far.
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  • captainregal
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  • 04/28/2009 07:31 AM
  • 03/10/2023 11:57 PM
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Hey, it sound alright so far in terms of story, although it's still a tad generic, thats perfectly fine. Definitely looks different than other VX titles though, which is a nice change. I'll keep watching to see where this goes.
A rpg with no random encounters, huh? That's new.
hey, cool. you're the only other dude i've seen trying for a sci-fi/futuristic RMVX game. Oh, wait, max was doing something too, so that makes us three, but you've come a bit farther than me.

this looks pretty cool, so ill keep an eye out.
It is very challaging to use the futureistic Tilesets.
I tried out your little tech-demo, captain regal. Since it was so short, there's no real point in making a review, but I can summerize my experience by saying;

The spaceship in the beginning was really nice and alive, although there was some oddly placed tiles here and there, the design and detail was generally a really nice touch; good job!

You really need to work on your dialouge however, there was grammar problems and odd sentences all-over the place. With waay too much dialouge and poor spelling, this would drag down an otherwise pretty solid presentation. Try working on your spelling and grammar, plus rewriting most of it into shorter, more concise sentences.
Not until my other game Glacia is. So not for a long while. This is in slow production.
Not until my other game Glacia is. So not for a long while. This is in slow production.
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