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Rewrite the New Year~!

  • Raze
  • 01/10/2020 04:44 PM
New Year, New progress update! It's been a while since I wrote these, but the main objective of writing this post is to let you guys know that, yes. I'm still working on it. I'll also talk about game's progress and how Rewrite works.

Today's update post will not have any images, as most of the content henceforth would pretty much entail spoiler, unless you don't mind. But even so, I prefer to keep it to myself for now :)

The Ending of the Game
Black Galax: Rewrite will contain 3 endings Delta, Alpha and Beta/Gamma. However, you CANNOT choose which ending you will get. Delta is the first mandatory ending that you must achieve. With the appropriate 'requirements', only then can you proceed to the Alpha ending, and subsequently Beta/Gamma.

If I were to give an example, it would be the equivalent of pursuing all three what-ifs path rather than having a collection of decision influences to result in one ending. How would it work, you ask? Well...

Game Progress: Delta Timeline (True Ending)
Currently, I'm almost done with the general outline of Delta Timeline's ending. Which means with some touch-ups, the game is TECHNICALLY COMPLETE with its first ending. But of course, it's never that simple. Before I go there, let's talk about some of the new locations and Side quests added!

New Location: Viscaria City
This city is technically still not completed yet. I still have to think about what to add to this city area. It's likely I'll only come back later to complete it once I start working on Alpha Route.

New Location: Caladium City
Home to Caladium Deus Ex, Caladium Armed Force, welcome to Caladium City! Located to the east of Merritus Island, it's the most technologically advanced city of Cliva! Home to Cliva's International Airport and Caladium's Space Program - Site X. Unfortunately, you won't have a chance to explore their International Airport :(

New Locations: Caladium Site X!
Caladium Site X is the equivalent of US's space program. It's where modules and rockets are sent back and forth from space that caters to the maintenance of Grid Palistia. Which also means...

SPAAACCEE!! I mean - New Location: Grid Palistia
Yes! You get to explore the world famous arcology satellite in space, Grid Palistia. The ultimate Grid that powers the innovations of Cliva! Learn more about Cliva's ultimate achievement while you're here!

New Location: Jalvoc Woods
A wooded forest that connects Cereus Square and Caladium City. Home to Mylarkis Ruins.

New Location: Mylarkis Ruins
It's a secret for now ;)

Difficulty Curve
You MIGHT find the Delta Timeline to be easy. As the bosses here are generally... 'holding back', their true power. It's meant to slowly ease you into the hell that is the Alpha Route! I hope you'll look forward to it! I intend to make my battles spicy and I'll make sure of it!

Side Quests: The End of all Endings
As usual, it won't just be a simple 'Side Quest'. It will have its own plot lines that will connect to the post-game of Rewrite. The side quest tree for this is pretty long, but to keep it short: They can only be partially attempted in Delta Timeline. You can only complete it in Alpha and finish off in Beta/Gamma. Yes, this side quest spans across all three endings. What could it be?

Idea: Passive Bonding Level
In case you're unaware, Rewrite introduces a new mechanic that adds Passive Abilities to each character. When placed in reserve, they will activate their passive ability to aid you in combat. It's simple, not too complicated, but I wonder if I can introduce a way to add progression to Passive abilities that is outside of combat.

The idea I came across is the idea of bonding the characters. Through special cutscenes and events, when they bond over say, a meal, a game show (oddly specific I know) and other things, they gain Bond EXP. Once they reach a new bond level, everyone's passive abilities will grow together as a whole.

If I do implement this, it'll be event base and simplistic. In the sense that since the party will almost always be together, I think it'll be fair to just implement a single EXP bar. Once their bond has increased, their passive abilities will improve too!

What do you think? I'll love to hear it from you!

Game Progress: Alpha Timeline
I've laid the groundwork for Alpha Timeline and in essence, content wise not story, it'll be an expansion of Delta. You'll face 'new' bosses, new scenarios and new areas to explore! Alpha Timeline will come with an additional chapter compared to Delta.

That's all from me today, I hope you'll have a great new year ahead! To all those who read this loooong progress report, thank you! But the tl;dr of it is, yes, I'm still working on the game, but slow as per usual.

Now back to making progress and I'll see you... Idk, maybe the mid year or something XD