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For newcomers, Black Galax: Rewrite is a direct sequel to Black Galax: Revert. Below is some information for both New Game/Save Game Options. This demo will only contain Chapter 8.

If you've played Black Galax: Revert and have a save file:
Simply transfer your saved file over! Everything will be settled for you. If you have not completed Chapter 7.5, Rewrite will make it compulsory to clear before you can progress to Chapter 8.

Your progress here won't be carried over to a completed version of Rewrite. So PLEASE make a copy of your Revert's save file first before playing. Or else, there is a chance the save file cannot be used on the completed version of Rewrite or there will be issues.

What if I'm a new player or lost my save file?
For now, New Game is NOT SUPPORTED. There are a lot of changes that I need to make to allow for a New Game that can co-exist with a Save Game that currently is just not worth the hassle. Don't worry, when the final game is complete, you'll have access to both options.

What about Achievements?
Achievements are shared from your appData folder. However, due to issues in some systems that don't allow writing in appData folder, it's likely that we'll migrate over the achievement save file to the game folder itself.

But that is for the future, for now, nothing needs to be done on your end.

Why not merge both Revert and Rewrite together?
Due to differences in the scripts, and changes to a lot of the maps/NPCs and even the Battle System itself, it makes merging a task too daunting to do. There is also another main technical reason why there is a need for a split, but that's more of a spoiler so I won't elaborate much.

With a split, it allows me to reuse certain areas and make more drastic changes/improvements to the game without putting too much time building in compatibility. You can check the very first blog post on what was added to Rewrite that does not exist in Revert.