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Don't chicken out! Play this game....

Hello chicks, chickens, hens and roosters!
We're here with The Most Dangerous Chicken, a 2019 game made by Corfaisus with the old glorious Rpgmaker 2000 for the "Abrupt Ending Party" Rmn event. Uhm I do not know if the game takes inspiration from the uber powerful chicken seen in the Alex community game series... anyway the idea is the same: there is a chicken, and it's really strong!

Now, the worls is a classic fantasy realm that's under the threath of orcs, kobolds and a dark lord... the difference is that the hero is a chicken! But the best and strongest chicken in the world!

Being a chicken means not needing money, equipment nor a place to stay! Just sleep in a bucket!

The Most Dangerous Chicken is a classic rpgmaker rpg with a single character that's rather powerful... but not too much! Our chicken is casically a one-man-party with strong double attacks, healing spells and holy area damage abilities.
Soooo battles are pretty easy for the most part, except for a boss that can inflict berserker on our little hero, removing our possibility to control the actions, and that leads to a rapid game over, but for the most part just check your life and mana and use the attacks and spells you need (standard attack against a single enemy, area attack when outnumbered, healing when health is low!) and remember to escape when you can and want avoid battles, even if some experience will net extra levels and with them some more powerful version of the spells alredy present.

The story is simple and silly but fun and also has some unexpected parts, included the abrupt ending, but what about the graphics? Well this is a mostly all-RTP game except for the menu and game over screens, but I do not mind, for an event game everything is professionally done and also mapping is pretty nice and cute since everything is little: there are tiny villages (two) a small dungeon, mini-subquests and so on... well done.

The game will tell you the past, the present and the future of our little hero!

Final Verdict
The Most Dangerous Chicken is exactly what I expected: a little but fun rpgmaker classic adventure, an RTP event game that probably will be appreciated only by people like me loves these old-style classic rpgmaker games that does not offer anything new except for a silly little adventure. If you are like me feel free to add 0,5 to the rating (so 3.5 if you cannot do math!) but if not, this is the correct rating. Well try it, it's short... and fun! Don't chicken out!