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It's the mating season for the dragons and everyone is serving their ancestral purpose. The eggs are being laid, the hatchlings are being cared for and the male dragons are out hunting for the brood. This year is like every other that has passed since the dawn of time. Awake, see to the eggs, hunt for food, return, eat and sleep; an endless cycle of existence.

Nobody questions the tradition for it has always been this way. There is no room for humanity's feelings as - while it is called the "mating season" - there is only concern with the raising of the young to overtake the old. All of life is laid down for this sole purpose: to continue living.

The king of dragons, Zyrmuk, however, sees things differently. His spirit is called to more than just survival but to truly express that greatest of human mysteries - love. He has always known this in his spirit and it sets him apart from the rest of his brood. He contemplates his traditions and his kingship and thinks to himself:

"Treasures and crowns wouldn't mean a thing, if I only had a heart."

He seeks more of this "mating season" than his fellows; he seeks a true mate. Off in the hunting forest is the smell of flowers...

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Question: Will there be a change when I keep staying at the rooster or at least on which day?

Edit: "One of the eggs HAS hatched"
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