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Welcome to AITD, and some details

  • SPM
  • 07/07/2019 09:02 AM
Hello there! Its been a while since I have shown up here in rpgmaker. Since I completed my previous two horror games (Darkest Dreams and An Evil Night) another project went on a long hiatus (No Place Like Home) and I was focused on my RPG (The Black Sword Chronicles), which is still in development in the present.

I had a little lack of inspiration and needed to switch my mind to another thing at that moment. Years passed and then I came across a game from 1992 that marked me in its day. Yes, that would be Alone in the Dark. I was really surprised that, since then, It never had a completed remake of any sort (actually someone tried one but was cancelled some years ago).

There were lots of products that came out after the original 3 parts, but with one exception (The New Nightmare) they were all pretty terrible and lame.

That is when I thought "why not make an rpgmaker versiĆ³n?" And so, I proceeded.

I have dedicated some time to it and I am glad to say that it is actually almost finished! Currently I have a person playing a Beta version to fix any issues that escaped me, and the release date is near. I marked August 1 as the limit, although it may be uploaded even earlier, so stay tuned.

I have tried to be very loyal with the original, but as I said in the description there are some changes. If you remember with love the origins of this saga you are in for a treat because in essence it has everything it had. If you are new to it think that this was what started it all in the survival horror genre.

It has investigation, survival, old-school puzzles, lots of lore, traps, combat, rpg, jumpscares, creepiness, zombies, strange creatures, the mistery of the Derceto mansion... and it has big badass Edward Carnby, the protagonist in his first steps. There was another playable character in the original, Emily Hartwood, and she will be included in future updates, but for now it will be pure old Edward.

More details in the next days, I will let you know. Meanwhile if you want to comment or ask something about the game you are very welcome. See you around! ;)