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Developer: Stitch / Bad Stitches

Publisher: Voodoo Box

Genre: Psycho-Horror / Adventure

Language: german / english

Status: Demo version 1.9

Play time: approx. 30 min +

'LoneLy' is a game with a heavy atmosphere and psychological horror
comparable with the old Silent Hills and Resident Evils and is created
with the RPG Maker VX Ace.

After a bad and traumatic event, Timothy Lloyd was forced to move back
to his family. He was welcomed happily but this joyful moment was short.
Something seems to have changed since his relocation: Tim isolated him-
self from the others and a gloomy feeling of loneliness shrouded the
whole family and was draining their vitality.

By the time when Tim realizes that something's going wrong he tries to
escape from the cage of solitude and tries to figure out the mysteries
which are responsible for the strange happenings at his home. However,
the deeper the path he goes the worse and crueler the horror gets, which
he himself and his surroundings are falling prey to.

  • Dive into a compelling story and make acquaintances with eclectic
    and mysterious characters which are hiding their own demons and secrets

  • Feel the dense and thrilling atmosphere and make a dreadful journey
    of chaos, horror, sex and violence

  • The world is big and you have the freedom of choice which influences
    the story and the events

  • Tricky puzzles are entangled with the story and the environment and
    appears in a creative and a diversified way

  • There are optional ways that invites for explore and discover to
    raises the replayability

Are you ready to enter the descent of the human psyche?

System requirements (minimum)
Runs for XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3,60 GHz
RAM: 4,00 GB
System type: 64-Bit operating system

Of course I've got a website and social media with my (upcoming) projects
and art. Meet the team behind everything and see more games, content and news.

Guest creators and highly recommended - one view is worthwhile!

A website with a good variety of old retro games. If you like Castlevania,
Resident Evil, the 90s-era and horror games you won't regret a visit on
this page (only available in german).

A promising RPG project for players who'd like to play on the dark side.
Perhaps you could turn the mighty and dreadful demon lord to a good person
by your own decisions?

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Ohh!! I remember when I first played this! The graphics and the mapping are so good!! I didn't finish it though.
Ohh!! I remember when I first played this! The graphics and the mapping are so good!! I didn't finish it though.

Thank you very much! You should finish the full version, it will be worthwhile ;)
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