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The game takes place in a fairy village.
The fairies there, all girls, are born from large flowers called "birthblooms".

They are all kept in the botanic center, where they require specialized attention.

Fleur, The flower fairy, is seen by many as gifted,
and they hope for her to be next in line to care for the birthblooms.

Unfortunately, she stays at home, convinced she isn't worthy...

That is, until the day a new birthbloom decides to grow in her own little garden.


The birthblooms feed off love and affection between fairies, converted into magic.
As you play Fleur, your role is to date other fairies,
and gather the connection magic that'll allow your birthbloom to grow.

The game is a dating sim / visual novel, and the connection magic gathering is made through a minigame I call Flower Defense.

It involves protecting the central flowers from bees, skill levels granted by the other fairies, and increasing difficulty. Two difficulty levels are available, depending on your interest in the challenge.

As for the girls and the routes associated, I'm currently working on writing and drawing them.
At least two will be available to play soon.

Latest Blog

Demo download available

A first, temporary, download link is available.
It features two routes:

Playing in easy mode is advised for this release, since you'll only have 2 skill increments to back up your efforts.

Here it is, if still active~


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You're magical to me.
Wow, this looks amazing! Subscribed! :DDDDDD
You're giving me my courage back, Imma do this.
You're magical to me.
Hooray :DDD
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Here it is!

The art in this game is really amazing and I already love each and every one of them fairies. I can't wait to conquer the heart of the Heart Fairy <3 Waifu confirmed.

Keep going, Zorga!
Now that the heat is going down, I'll bring it back up again =D. I'll make sure you get a proper setting with several skills to test out, and a couple days to do so.
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