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For many months, since being magically drawn into Sunny's fairy tale land, Jade, Sunny, Momoiro, and Peter have lived happily on the small island continent of Galbanz harmoniously with the humans, fairies, and the once evil wizard that all dwell there. Now, once more, humans are mysteriously drawn into this world as warriors of Earth find their way to the story world. While Momoiro busily tries to assemble, book, and produce this world's first outdoor music festival in the spirit of Woodstock and Hullaballoo, some rather pushy soldiers decide to interrupt her hard work. They've been dragged here, too, and now they want answers, and to find as many missing people from their own world as possible. Their intentions are perfectly fine, but it's damned inconvenient for a rocker who's got her music career back on track! Maybe a lesson in manners is needed!

A game love without boundaries and rockin' on! There will be music, love, flirting, and implications of sex in which the game frustratingly fades out and back in.

A sequel to Dream of Jade, this game uses the same battle system. Can Momoiro get back to her home in time for the concert? Of course, she can! It's not like it's going to start without her, and she might even find love on the way.

Made for the A Rainbow of Positivity game jam.

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You're magical to me.
Looks cool! Interested to see how this turns out :D Subscribed!
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