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Suflower is a Visual Novel centered around a girl named Alina. Alina is a southern belle and loves walking around her sunflower fields near her house. When Alina is not relaxing at her house, she is busy attending LVN University. Alina is a student enrolled in the LVN News Reporting program. With her friends Ivanna and Nadiya, they try their best to investigate a mysterious student that has caused trouble for them in the past.

Sunflower also includes a comic book subplot about a girl named Captain Yuri. Captain Yuri is a super hero who can travel between dimensions. Captain Yuri is a funny parody of the super hero genre.

Sunflower was built using the very powerful Visual Novel Maker engine. It features background music by Bittersweet Entertainment and Joel Steudler. It also has artwork by gin-1994 (background art) and DemonLordDante (CGs).

Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1118910/Sunflower/

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