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Black and White Love
Everyone around me has found their colors or continues to search desperately
But... I've never felt this way towards anyone, do I even want my colors?

Eleanor lives in a world where everything is in black and white until you find the person you're meant to be with forever. Everyone she's grown up with has found their colors and yet Eleanor has never felt the slightest attraction towards anyone. Unlike other people who also have yet to find their colors, Eleanor herself can't help but feel that she doesn't want her colors in the end. While people tell her "you'll find someone some day" and that "finding your colors is the best thing you'll ever experience", Eleanor can't help but feel uncomfortable and unhappy every time she's told the same thing. Will Eleanor ever find her colors?

Follow Eleanor's journey to finding her colors and the hardships she's faced internally for years.

**An expansion of this game is planned from the developer. This is not the full release but instead a small part of it. Please do not recognize this game as the final project.

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  • Frogge (Mapper & Other Edits)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure Visual Novel
  • 07/07/2019 08:10 PM
  • 02/29/2020 07:30 PM
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Woah i really like the mapping in this
In the absence of fog, for now I'll just mention that I like the usage of gayscale.
You're magical to me.
Looking great! :DDD
Woah i really like the mapping in this

Yeah it totally did, Frogge is so great at mapping isn't he?

In the absence of fog, for now I'll just mention that I like the usage of gayscale.

Hmm... fog?? Thank you though, glad it came out well!

Looking great! :DDD

Thanks! Hope the completion does too!

So happy I made new and notable, it's been a goal of mine for a while. I hope this game turns out to be worth the spot! ^_^ Gonna work hard to make sure the game is great, thanks all for the interest :)
Such story is not really my cup of tea but the artistic direction of the game seem neat, it reminds me of GBA games. Good job!
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