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Remembrance is the story of a woman named Kim who wakes up in a bizarre place with only hazy memories of her past and how she got there. Together with a strange, magic-wielding entity named Jesse, she sets out in search of what she's lost, as well as to complete the mission assigned to her that, in Jesse's words, is of the utmost importance.

As she recovers and reflects on the memories of her life, however, Kim quickly realizes that some of the more powerful feelings and impressions in her mind, despite their nostalgic familiarity, don't match up with any of her memories...

Estimated play time: 3-4 hours

Latest Blog

A Few Announcements (and 700+ downloads!!)

Hello hello, everyone! It's been quite some time since I last checked in here, heheh. I've been keeping very busy indeed with work on Remembrance's sequel, Permanence, but I'm nevertheless delighted to see that people are still finding, downloading, and playing through the first game! Over the past several months, there's been a few Remembrance-related updates that I wanted to share.

Firstly, there's a Russian translation available for Remembrance:

A huge thank you and kudos to bizDICK for volunteering to translate it and seeing it through to completion despite the reams and reams of text in the game!

Secondly, I've published the game's OST on Bandcamp:

In addition to Bandcamp being probably more convenient to use than Youtube for this, the tracks on there have been re-rendered for (hopefully) better audio fidelity. Between that and being able to stream/download them in a format other than the low-bitrate MP3s to which RPG Maker 2003 limited me, I figured it was worth mentioning for the 5 or 6 people who might be interested, heh.

Thirdly, I've been made aware of another completed Let's Play of Remembrance, this time by Adaru32:

Thank you so, so much for your continued interest in my work!
  • Completed
  • KyouSystem
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure RPG
  • 07/08/2019 05:01 AM
  • 03/03/2022 01:37 PM
  • 07/08/2019
  • 44253
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A cat from the underground. carlosdavilla.org
One of the best games available on this site. A must play for everybody fan of psychology and life/death stories. The storytelling is on top and doesn't fail to deliver its message. The dialog is captivating and it delivers the emotions and personalities of the characters very well. The characters are likable and relatable to the point where you can feel empathy. Simply amazing.

Everything works out as it should, although the combat gameplay is not a strong point (after you get Ashley and Rook, everything is easy) and the MAZES are sometimes mildly-infuriating, they're not impossible and don't halt or ruin the experience in any way.

Congrats, mate. And thanks for Jesse.


Thank you very much! I'm delighted to hear that you think so highly of it and that you enjoyed it so thoroughly in spite of its weak points!

And you're very welcome for Jesse, heheh.
Hello! Can I translate your game into Russian?
Hello! Can I translate your game into Russian?

Certainly! I'm flattered that you enjoyed it so much that you want to translate it, especially considering the reams and reams of dialogue in it, heheh.
Hello! Can I translate your game into Russian?
Certainly! I'm flattered that you enjoyed it so much that you want to translate it, especially considering the reams and reams of dialogue in it, heheh.

It's not a problem for me. xD
Hello! Can I translate your game into Russian?
Certainly! I'm flattered that you enjoyed it so much that you want to translate it, especially considering the reams and reams of dialogue in it, heheh.
It's not a problem for me. xD
Well, by all means feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I don't know how much I'd be able to help with the translation work directly, as I don't know a lick of Russian, but I'll gladly clarify/elaborate on any parts of the dialogue or characters if you're unsure about something!
If anyone is interested, I can write up a post with a few pointers for navigating through the mazes in the last segment of the game, since I understand that I made at least one of them perhaps TOO difficult (and since I'm admittedly reluctant to tamper with the game anymore beyond typos and bugfixes now that it's been out for a while).
People say that RPG maker is a softver with a lot of crap games but knowing from my
experience there are some unique and good games on this softvare and Remembrance is one of them

In terms of gameplay its your standard rpg with Different characters that have different abilities who are fighting different monsters,it has bosses,puzzles and mazes(one of them end that is very hard to navigate).The gameplay is good

in terms of story its like this you have this girl named Kim who died and ended up in some limboland and trys to uncover her memories, and was choosen to fight the enemies of hope and suffers a lot of traumas even after she died because hey no rest for the dead.And then you have another character named Jessie who is the assistant of the gods and looks after her,giveing her encouragementm,and is very sweet and nice person but is ignorent of humans and human way of life and is one of those people who does not question others(like the gods for instance).And then you get Ashley a characters thats edgy,swears,gives characters funny nicknames but will question people,give advices,help people and has a lot of knowledge on humans.One might think in the first glance that she is evil(but she is actually not that bad).The reason I em saying this is because of her destroying universes,now this is just my opinion while in her mind she thinks she destroys worlds she believes are dieing to me thats a red flag its like she is playing god and gives her self the right to decided what worlds can live which ones can,t live,and who is to say her decisions to destroy a lot of those universes was based on her perception(that can be very subjective) and also wouldn't her destroying a lot of universes corrupted her to the point when she would not care if those universes are dieing or not(power corrupts).

and then you have the gods who who se the problems of the crawlers and decided to use measures of containment,and pick a hero to fight them I can understand Ashleys point of view that some of the action of gods make no sense and that there the there measures aren,t the best but still they are no,t evil,its not like they don,t give a fuck what happens and were nice enought to give kim powers to travel to other dimensions.And I wish gods found a way to get rid of Ashley like they would eventually found a way to get rid of the crawlers and so what if they made mistakes,you can always learn from them.

but then again the entire story focuses on the struggles of Kim and characters such as Jessy and Ashley serve as encouragement to her(in there own ways)its like the story is telling you if you have emotional problems maybe you need friends or family members to help and encourage you(I think a story like that could make a good use of stoic philosophy because in my opinion it could help kim in her traumas (I know it because it helped me in controling my emotions and impulses) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLOB6hj3M_Q&t=2s
and all of the monsters are symbol of negative emotions and she has to fight those negative emotions.And in the end she finds happiness even with all of the traumas. the end

also here is some fanart of Ashley ready to fight demons with characters from other
franchise in this epic crossover
As much I have some disagreement with Ashley she is the favorite character in the game she is cool,edgy and is one of those hey guys what are you doing can I join?
And also Happy Halloween
Ah, thank you very much for all the kind words! And I love the fanart!

(For anyone reading this, beware the plot spoilers in the rest of this comment.)

As for your analysis, certainly it seems like Ashley is playing god in her decision-making about what parts of existence are left alone versus what parts she destroys, especially considering how capricious she is and how she all but refuses to acknowledge anyone's authority but her own, heheh. And, to be sure, Seloventra (and by extension Umbra and Melancholia) would love nothing more than to find some way to kill or otherwise dispose of Ashley.

These topics are exactly the sort of thing that I'm planning to address and explore in Remembrance 2, as it so happens. I don't want to give too much away, of course, but I will say that there's more to Ashley than the foul-mouthed, wise-cracking, shapeshifting manipulator you see in-game. She never really gave a straight answer to Kim about who and what she was, you'll recall. For that matter, it's not entirely out of the question that Seloventra et al might end up finding a way to seal Ashley away....

In any case, thank you again for playing and taking the time to write up your thoughts (and for the fanart)!
As for the fanart could you imagine Ashley interacting with characters such as Bart,Homer,Milhouse,south park kids,kids from stranger things,Rick and Morty and etc.That is way I like crossovers:)

as for the gods finding a way to destroy Ashley I think there exist the right kind of people that could rip Ashley a new one or give her a run for her money:D
here is my top10 list:)

because he can,t loss

because if can beat the predator and T1000 I em sure he can beat Ashley

the video speaks for it self

like the dude has milions of transformations he will do fine:)

they are so fast she won,t be able to keep up with them

hey if he gets lucky maybe he rips her dress and exposes her panties or something xD

it would be fun to see him piss her off and yet she won,t be able to KILL HIM


let just say he could be a good motivational coach for the rest of the fighters:)

Ashley won,t know what hit her XD

and this was more of a joke i hoped you liked my top 10 list;)

I also recommend you a few chanells that could review and play your game(and this guys did play some rpg maker games)

Nitro Rad
Vinesauce Vinny

I hope this will help you(and trust me if this game gets viral people are gonna do some crazy shit with the characters I em talking about porn,very sick parodies,very stupid shit and trust me I have been there and witnessed the crazy and I like it).
She never really gave a straight answer to Kim about who and what she was, you'll recall.

Until you make it here is my fan theory where she comes from:D


Alex Jones:Listen people it looks like the globalists made a teleporter that can be used to travel to different worlds,and they used that teleporter to travel and in doing so they found in a one world some dark energy and they took some of that energy and brought it here and then they decided to perform a satanic ritual with a corpse of a young girl,and some blood and in doing so they created the monster named Ashley and she decided to use her powers to destroy earth but first she decided to test her herpowers by destroying other worlds and universes and soon...SHE WILL COME TO DESTROY AS...SO PEOPLE GET READY WE WON,T GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT
DID YOU HER ASHLEY YOU EVIL SPAWN OF SATAN WITH THE POWER GOD WILL DESTROY YOU AAAAAAAAAAAA-rips hes shirt-and remember globalists we know what you did.

Theory2 area51 code name operation dark arts

When Naruto runners broke into area51 they found a dark girl and as they dig in to the files and they found out that she was Experimented with the dark energy and the Experiments were very painful by trying to put dark energy in to her it caused here to vomit,all of her nerves started to hurt,very bad headache,she pissed some blood and here eyes changed color(and that hurt a lot).and ones they released her from her chains and capsules she became very angry and screamed very hard and destroyed the base with her dark energy and after she was never seen again

Theory3 weird weeb experiment

a group of 5 weebs decided to make there ultimet anime girl
Sugar, spice, and everything nice
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect anime girl
But the weebs accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction-the dark chemical X from the dark web

and in doing so they created a very edgy dark girl who wants to destroy universes for fun.

Sorry if I bore you with the comments i em just haveing a good time:)

and don,t take it as me thinking I can write the story better than you I just like haveing fun ok;)
Oh, don't worry, you're not boring me at all! It's honestly rather flattering that you find my characters and setting interesting enough to write out all of these jokes and such about them, heheh. Feel free to comment as much as you like. It's very fun to read. (¯ u ¯)b

Off the top of my head, I know for a fact that Ashley would struggle in a fight against Saitama from One Punch Man, and Goku would definitely give her a run for her money as well. She'd also have a hard time with the Iron Giant, since her normal cut-slash-impale attack strategy wouldn't work well against metal. And she'd be in hot water if you got a few of the God Warriors from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind to gang up on her, or if she tried to go toe-to-toe with Ramiel from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Make of all that what you will, heh.

Hahahaha, I like your theories! You might be interested to know that I actually have another character I've made (who didn't show up in Remembrance, but may or may not be in the next game) whose backstory is loosely similar to your second theory there, about trying to force or trap a dark energy of sorts into a human vessel.
Did you find the jokes funny:D

What was your favorite
You know what we spend enough time bashing an Ashley.Let talk about characters she can beat,OK:D

This look like guys she could take out;)

I don,t know if you are familiar with Devilman but let just say that in that universe god made demons before humans and they gain the power to merge with other life forms and with it they get powers and then god went to destroy but then Satan comes to save them(you said you like psychological horror devilman has some it in the manga)

you know those annoying enemies from Super Mario Bros she could take them.

you know those two headed funny ogres

the scary Xenomorphs,she could beat them.

it would be fun to see her fight with the goblin slayer

those guys would be fun for Ashley to slay

a monster she could easily kill

dark fast lady vs fast bullets (would be fun)

She is too fast for bowser

what do you think who can she beat?
Lets talk about things I like about Ashley

1.She is the hottest female in the game
she has a nice star like black hair,a nice gray mini dress,long black boots and cool long black gloves (to hide her claws).I just hope she isn,t under age:(
but then again since this game took some inspiration from anime and she isn,t human maybe we can take...some liberties

2.she cares about other people
like she gave some advices to Jamie to help Kim with her traumas,she teleported Kim to the black building so that she can meet with the gods to give her abilities, and she helped them in the fight against against the crawlers(in another words she isn,t selfish).

3.she is a skeptic
she is one of those people who won,t let you feed her with bullshit(like the gods for example)

4.she is very smart and knowledgeable
she knows a lot about humans and other things its like she is one of those people who is interesting to talk with because of her knowledge.

you said that you will expand on her character and for now here are her characteristics that I see as positive:)
Perhaps this is my bias for my characters showing, but I'd say that, with very few exceptions, Ashley would steamroll anything and anyone in her way were she taking things seriously, heheh. After all, if she couldn't, then she would've been taken out of commission long before the events of Remembrance, nor would she be very good at her "job".

In a similar vein, Ashley could easily storm Area 51. In fact, just for fun and because she can, she'd probably let at least one guard get close enough to shoot at her just so she could dodge the bullets Matrix-style, heh.

As for Ashley's age, keep in mind that she can shapeshift at will, so don't let her superficially youthful appearance make you think she's a little girl. ;P
Of course she will we all know that trope that humans with there normal weapons suck at fighting aliens,super natural,etc. except if they find a secret weapon that they can fight with or some super hero or something.Oh speaking of Ashley and soldiers for some reason I have in my mind this crazy idea in my mind for a a story were a group of soldiers who are camping in a forrest and then meat with Ashley and then get in to some crazy,funny,adventures:D
Will if you were biased you wouldn't tell me about characters who could beat her it would be more like this FUCK YOU ASHLEY IS INVINCIBLE SHE HAS THE ABILITY TO NEVER LOSS AAAAAAAAAAA-typical fanboy behavior ,honestly those kind of characters can make good villans(like what could beat her)or your typical David vs Golaith type story where a weak one beats a strong one.I would ask you something what kind of voice would imagen Ashley would have(if voice acted).
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