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A Few Announcements (and 700+ downloads!!)

Hello hello, everyone! It's been quite some time since I last checked in here, heheh. I've been keeping very busy indeed with work on Remembrance's sequel, Permanence, but I'm nevertheless delighted to see that people are still finding, downloading, and playing through the first game! Over the past several months, there's been a few Remembrance-related updates that I wanted to share.

Firstly, there's a Russian translation available for Remembrance:

A huge thank you and kudos to bizDICK for volunteering to translate it and seeing it through to completion despite the reams and reams of text in the game!

Secondly, I've published the game's OST on Bandcamp:

In addition to Bandcamp being probably more convenient to use than Youtube for this, the tracks on there have been re-rendered for (hopefully) better audio fidelity. Between that and being able to stream/download them in a format other than the low-bitrate MP3s to which RPG Maker 2003 limited me, I figured it was worth mentioning for the 5 or 6 people who might be interested, heh.

Thirdly, I've been made aware of another completed Let's Play of Remembrance, this time by Adaru32:

Thank you so, so much for your continued interest in my work!


Happy Birthday, Kim! (and 500+ downloads!)

Somehow, it's already been a whole year since I completed and released Remembrance. In my mind, it still feels like it's only been a few months at most, heh (though, with everything that's been going on this year, I've certainly had quite a lot on my mind, which always makes time fly). And then, what's more, apparently a continual trickle of new people are STILL taking enough interest in this sloppy old game of mine not only to download it and give it a try, but even to share it around with others, despite all of the newer and more polished content out there.

I'm deeply flattered and thankful for everyone who's taken such an interest in my work, and as a token of my appreciation (and a memento of the anniversary), I've redrawn one of Remembrance's full-screen illustrations to the best of my ability, shown below. I very much hope you like it.

- Kyou


Remembrance OST now on Youtube!

Thank you all so, so very much for the 400+ downloads!! It still feels odd to me that this many people have taken an interest in Remembrance, especially this long after the release date. I'd figured that, with all of the other games that are more visually and mechanically impressive than Remembrance, it'd quickly get buried, heh.

As a gesture of how flattered and grateful I am for your continued interest and support, I went ahead and uploaded the full soundtrack of Remembrance to Youtube. The individual video links are under the "Media" link, but I've also assembled a playlist for your listening convenience:

Thank you so much again, and happy listening!
- Kyou



Honestly, when I published Remembrance here, I figured that it wouldn't get any more than a dozen or so downloads at best, if that. It's a rather strange and dark game, after all, and for that matter it's a little rough around the edges at some parts, so I was fully expecting it to end up languishing in obscurity, heh.

I'm very excited and delighted to see, however, that it's gotten this much attention! Thank you all ever so much for taking an interest in my work! As an expression of my gratitude, I drew an affectionate Ashley for you. I hope you like it!

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