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Progress Report

Working.... Slowly..........

Hey yall. I've been working on writing the next chunk of the game. I'm letting myself loosen it up a bit -- not a lot, don't want to really add scope -- but give a bit more breathing room and playtime to stuff that I was originally gonna gloss over.

A little snippet between Juneau and new character, Salle! Salle is a childhood friend of Juneau and Val who is now a successful musician. She used to be a member of Guild Cupid with Valorie, before Valorie took over as guild captain.



How many of the following secrets have people found?

-Three Shiny Rocks
-Kacey's "Understanding" passive
-The "Forgiveness" gear
-Investigated Pete's business license?
-Get yelled at by Sandra (the Cherubim in the white outfit)
-Get yelled at by McGrath to go away?

It might only be a few hours, but I did hide some stuff in there...!


demo woo


things i know:
-the char select for menu items/healing is weird
-battle drops screen is ugly
-no title screen ;V
-stunned folk don't grey out

Progress Report

ok dipuc

i updated the too-large images! hooray.

i'm close to getting to the sixth character out of eight... a bit slower than i'd like, but that's in exchange for a smoother and prettier game, so eh.

this is a pretty short game overall i expect -- maybe 3-4 hours -- so i will finish it. i will! or else! or else i might never make anything again lol

ten more days... hm lol okay sure

Progress Report

oh hi

well first off oops those images are waaay too large, sorry, i'll update when the game has more done

this is a rererereremake? idfk. i have an outline for a larger game that i really like and i decided to make a prequel for it. i just really need to use the name 'ko cupid' so i can get it out of my mind, y'know?

i'm really excited for people to finally meet juneau. she's not a good heroine, but she tries. sorta.

yes i have a demo of another game for this event too. what will craze do with 50 days? spend 30 on one game and 20 on another. can't hold me down, baby


So... what is this, now?


So, you might've noticed I've been using the same characters in all my recent games (even two almost none of you have seen)... and I think I've finally refined them to a place where I'm really happy.

Originally, I was gonna sit down and go over the timeline/connections between these ideas, but what's the point? You never saw them in full. Basically, I just wanted to tell two stories:

1) Juneau as a failure of a hero, who causes disaster before eventually growing to fill the role
2) Kacey overcoming his bastard birth and leading a disparate group of people toward political change

But then, I'd get bogged down in the melodrama of everybody else. And, sure, some of that is still present where it aids the story -- but specifically, where it aids Kacey and Juneau's story. The focus is on them. Kacey's goal has also changed some, now. I'm now considering him like a 'main sidekick'; Juneau is absolutely the main character, but she won't get anywhere with Kacey. Kacey and Juneau also get their own sidekicks, so it's a pretty muddy term. Oh well.

Because I'm actually insane, KO Cupid has fourteen playable characters to the original version's nine (ten, but... sssh, that secret's intact). That said, there are five optional characters, although most play key roles in the story regardless. When and who you collect will change the story slightly in ways I think are meaningful enough to warrant their sorta-exclusion.

I'm also gonna say it now, that the big twist of Greenlands is that Erina was going to actually replace Juneau as the main character. That won't happen anymore, especially since Erina is fully optional, but that it should be kinda obvious from my latest screenshot... Velston is also a major character, to the point where he co-opts the end of the game. Is that weird to say now? It's in the intro. Nobody reads RMN blogs anyway.

I feel like if you see this scene and don't go "well, we're either going to play or kill him" then you're a fool.

Well, we're either going to play or kill her, huh?

I don't have a sick nautilus or anything. Maybe I'll come up with one. Right now, here's what the critical path looks like:

...is this spoilers too? I don't even care. It's about the journey, kids. jrpgs always spoil everything in the first hour anyway. Have you ever seen a Tales intro? You just assume every word is a lie. I'm going off on a tangent, aren't I?

Anyway, the beach and swamp are mapped, and I've started on the catacombs. Game only has four towns and I have one finished and another partially done.

I'd like to do bios for each. Hmm. Anyway, most skillsets are done (there's some tweaking from KO Cupid the OG, but not much. Juneau and Kacey got nerfed lol.) Claude and Lyre have skillsets on paper. Salle and Tallis are pretty up in the air. Valorie is the secret character from the original KO Cupid. Shocking. You don't actually kill off her Cupid guild. What the fuck is the point of that title then????

i need to finish this. i want to finish this. it's the conglomeration of all my ideas of the past few years, in one LINEAR and STRAIGHT-FORWARD package. i can do this i can do this i can do this
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