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A Maned Lioness Rap!

Again: yes, really. Already did one for Painted Knight earlier today. In before I do a Forsaken Isle rap or a Wolf's Labyrinth one.

Check it out in the page listings for the game entry, if so inclined. Please, indulge me in this sum of my wasted time. https://rpgmaker.net/games/11191/ManedRap/


V1.2 Uploaded, and...

So, finally fixed up the bugs I know of, as far as I can tell. Reflecting on this, I've got two event games, a low-rated project and an incomplete project peddled as a demo under my belt thus far.

Not sure what to say, really. It's been hard to light a fire under my tail to keep going, especially of my own accord. But I've learned two things of my time with RMN thus far, having really gotten involved earlier this year if I recall correctly.

Number one: when I put my mind to something, I do it. Both "The Painted Knight" and this game have been finished in roughly a week's time each. Even if I was one of the first to finish the other game, I barely completed this one in the time left. A couple days were lost to depression, as y'do when you're as mopey as I can get, and I only had about ten days or less to create A Maned Lioness. In spite of this, I cleared both. Which leads me to my second point...

Number two: I'd be nothing without the support of others. Despite having Raziya and her mostly-unseen (as of yet) pals in my mind for years, I've done jack with them and their world. As hinted in the game's main page, I've used Raz-related stuff here and there in other places on the 'net. Some of these uses I'm not sure I can share with the whole of RMN, to be honest.

But make no mistake. Without anyone telling me to get a grip and challenging me to fight, this l'il game wouldn't have happened. On top of that my RTP-adjacent cast for The Painted Knight wouldn't have evolved either. Hell, my game dev journey probably would've ended at the flop that was "Forsaken Isle".

The desire to make and tell stories is there, and it burns inside me. My self-determination and focus is held back by personal issues. But right now I've got a quote by Mark Twain taped above my computer monitor, the last sentence a reminder to myself: "It's how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it, that will define you".

It helps my motivation and effort to have Sammy Clements stare me down with his shaggy 'stache, sure. But the thing that truly drives me are the people who give me and my imagination a chance. I hold myself as the resident whine-bag in the RMN Discord server, as much as I'm trying to wean myself off such depressed messages. In spite of my troubles, I carry on to improve and challenge myself because of this wonderful community.

Reviews seem a hard commodity to obtain, hence why I like to review games that have yet to get one. But every addition of my games to a playlist, every download, every pageview and every comment matter. And everyone who's done such for my motes of make-believe matter. I've met plenty of awesome people here on RMN, and I interact with them on a fairly regular basis.

It's an honor to be recognized, and a greater one to be accepted among this community. I have a reason to keep going because of you all, in spite of every desire to retire from making games.

Raziya's not going anywhere, and neither am I. In the time between her next outing and beyond, I'll do what I can to grow in this art alongside you all.
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