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THE NEW US is an RPG inspired by games like LISA, OFF, and Undertale. It tells the story of a group of brothers on a quest to save what's left of their family. To do so, they must ascend the mysterious Citadel, and face the conflict that boils within it.

Plot Summary

In the new millennium, the old world is nothing but a story.

Instead there are Citadels: massive structures with seemingly incomprehensible origins. One such mega-building was ruled by the Judge, a sorcerer of unmatched ability and cruelty.

For centuries he ruled with might and cunning.

But one day the Judge was betrayed, forcing his 7 sons to live quiet lives in exile. You play as the youngest among them.

This is the story of how he helped end the world.

General goals for this project:

Create a moving, dark, and ultimately hopeful story about rebellion, oppression, and what comes next when everything falls apart.

Unique, meaningful battles. No random encounters, and no repeated enemy types. Losing a fight won't always mean a game over.

Choices with long term consequences.

Small worlds that feel alive. NPCs should always be doing something even if it's just an idle breathing animation.

This game is going to be really weird. Expect to be put in a lot of odd situations.

Plugin attribution: (Thank you to everyone)






Music attribution: (Thank you to everyone)


(Nothing will grow here)


(Village of the Peeping Frogs)






Art attribution:



Sharm (enviroment tilesets)


Daniel Eddeland (plant/garden assets)


(Apologies if I'm not doing this the correct way)

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I just realized that I forgot to copy the attributions from the itch.io page! It will be put up later tonight.
The design goals and overview look like a really wonderful roadmap for a project. Let me know if you need testers.
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