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Calling for testers

  • Darken
  • 03/15/2020 10:47 PM
Have you suddenly found yourself with lots of spare time? You know, due to recent events? Or maybe you're just a nerd like me who is indoors most of the time anyway.

I'm here to ask for testers. The game is currently playable up to the half point, with the later half being rushed to completion as I speak. I'm mainly looking for bug fixes and seeing any gaps the tutorials might have. The demo has an estimate playtime of 2 hours, though the point of this play-test is to also check how long the average new player would take as a casual dev speedrun takes me less than an hour.

The game is a horror game for those who haven't been following. It isn't made in RPGMaker but it does mimic the top down view and controls associated with the engine. So it should be pretty standard fare for most games on the site, sans it not being an RPG. The filesize so far is 70MB zipped.

It being a commercial game made on zero budget, the only compensation I can offer is a free copy of the game via Steam or Itch. Credit also. There will be a discord group and a google doc to manage bug reports and feedback. I'll probably only take a minimum people (10ish) at first since I haven't done testing aside from close friends but feel free to PM me or comment below if you're interested then I'll PM you a private discord server link to join.


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I'd be happy to test. Just send me a message.
Let me know if you need a Linux build tester.
Love the vibe I'm getting from these screenshots. I'd be glad to test this out.
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