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Made for the Abrupt Ending Party bday event on RMN in Twine2 over the course of a week, with some slapped on typo fixes.

You are a Dragon Sorceress, and someone hired you as a Teacher.

Nobody should ever let you close to children. Your record is lined with casualties, fees and prison sentences, but here you are. It comes as a huge surprise that you are being paid to teach children, and having only gotten this job because of a recommendation, there is little wriggle room out. The only saving grace is that since you are already here, you might as well give it your all. That's the one thing you are actually really good at. That, and magic.

One possible sequel to Sorceress to Be, a number of years after becoming Tenebrae's, a dragon magician's, disciple. No prior knowledge is required to play this game, though. Expect a short romp similar to walking-simulators taking you through the life of an unusual anti-social teacher. It's all text!


- Fantasy folks
- Needlessly long descriptions
- Sudden Endings for no good reason
- Sudden Endings for good reason
- An Apocalypse
- Lots of text
- Multiple endings
- Easy gameplay

Play it on your phone, laptop or PC in your browser!

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