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Update log thru 0.6b

Hi RMN! thought I'd keep you in the loop with my recent updates:


-Updates sounds/ implements proximity-based sounds

-Revises minor visual effects

-Fixes several bugs including getting stuck when using the chariot with Anann in the party, and the disproportionate L'tar Sai reward

*Be on the look-out for the rare "decreasing maximum HP glitch", as I'm having trouble isolating the problem.



This is a QOL and UX update

-THE FINAL CRASH SHOULD BE GONE COMPLETELY. (This is hard to replicate on my computer, however, so please let me know if you experience further issues)

- You can now walk over enemies after fleeing without entering the fight again.

- New enemies: Grikk Geists

-Removed exhaustion, but hunker now costs 1 FP

- New graphics for collectible notes

-New animation to improve visibility of items

- New UI graphics for Altars and other miscellaneous menus: particularly proud of the sacrifice menu

- Updated artwork for Odessa and Anann

-Improved collision

-Story and dialogue tweaks

-Miscellaneous typo and bug fixes

-Added footstep sounds

-Added several new graphical details

-Dialogue adjustments

-Visual Tweaks

-Fixes some players not getting lantern at beginning

-Fixes fog not showing properly

-Fixes gameover scene


0.5 (WIN, MAC, CENS)

-Dramatically improved pixel movement with party followers

-Lantern is now operated from item menu

-Update to well dungeon

-Visual tweaks and additions

-Rebalance: enemies should be numerically easier

-A dead party member will now weigh you down from fleeing (Fixes gameover bug from prior version)

-New secrets

-Miscellaneous bug and typo fixes including bar guard freeze and blocked elevator