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Progress Report


So I only just recently found out that the previous download was broken. Sorry for anyone who wanted to try it out. Fortunately I wanted to release something soon to show my (somewhat slow) progress. There has been quite a number of changes but seeing that no-one could test the previous one, I don't think there is a need to discuss what changed.

This demo covers Act 1 of 5, though it probably won't be final, I think there are a few things which could be worked on and improved.

Hopefully this time around people can actually play this one and share some feedback.

Progress Report

Alpha Demo

This is an alpha demo just to showcase some of the scripts I'm working on. There are a few gameplay elements that I'm still working on
but not sure what would be best, so I'm really hoping to get a bit of feedback/ suggestions on some of these.

Mapping - This will need some improvements. Thinking of redoing maps to be less spacious, I think thats the main problem

Cooking - Trying to figure out a good way to implement ingredients, either gathering points, monster drops, buy/sell/trade, or combination.

Styles - Job system. Going to add a leveling system to gain new passive skills to equip. Just didn't bother add it to this demo

Battle system - Active time based. Hoping this has a bit better pacing than standard ATB. Check for bugs

Balance - I feel this should be done properly once the game mechanics are finalised, so this demo hasn't been balanced properly, i.e
enemies may be too easy/ to hard etc.

THe plan for now is to finalise the game mechanics (namely cooking & monster drops), rework the maps, balance, then a proper demo
should be ready and then I can progress the story. Any ideas would be appreciated
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