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Intro video:

Game plot: Amy Sunderland is a college med student who takes part-time jobs from time to time such as babysitting or taking care of elderly people.

Mrs Saito is one of her regular clients, a very wealthy old Japanese lady who has lived in the US for quite a while. Unfortunately her health has degenerated a lot in the past few years and her family tends to hire people like Amy to make sure things are under control when they are out of town.

As usual Amy is only supposed to stay over one night but things won't go smooth this time. Somebody or something else is in the house with Amy.

What she doesn’t know is that Mrs Saito's family owns a big chemical plant just out of town and something very wrong has happened the night before.

The big mansion is not safe anymore and it soon becomes a massive death trap.
The young girl will have to play smart to survive and defend herself from the creatures that are starting to invade the property.

You must get out of the house but it is not going to be easy. There are riddles to be solved, doors to unlock and of course weapons and healing aids to “keep you company”.

Note from the author:
Following a long hiatus, I decided to remaster my K.Evil project to superior graphics that better fit in the modern gaming era we are living in.

I decided to use RPG MAKER XP because in my opinion it is the best RPG MAKER engine that allows you to re-create "realistic" 2D enviroments compared to the latest versions.

I am in the process of building a demo that will hopefully be released in a month or two.

The most difficult part for me has been to design an aim/shooting engine that works with almost no glitches.

What is K.EVIL about?
I am a big survival horror fan and I have always had this fantasy about cats turning into something scary and ferocious against humans.
Help Amy to escape her worst nightmare and understand what is causing cats in town to mutate and kill humans.

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