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Version 1.1.0 Released

Ill Horizon Shade has been updated!


-Graphical improvements

-New Title Screen

-Certain exits are easier to find

-Some sections are less crowded with monsters

-Overall darkness has been reduced (Unless you're at 1 HP)


Full Game Released!

The full game is finally finished! Enjoy some horrific horror!

Progress Report

Progress Report 4

The game's getting closer to completion, and I'm currently working on the final areas! They will easily be the most dangerous and chaotic, and there will be monsters that you may recognize from the first game.

New Weapon: Solid Axe - A great, defensive weapon. +2 Max Health. +1 Attack.

New Armor: Thornwear - Special armor that protects you from poisonous gas.

Progress Report

Progress Report 3

New weapon: Spring Spear - A nifty weapon that raises Max HP by 1 and your Attack Power by 1.

New Armor: Plate Armor - Raises Max HP by 3. It's a hidden item, however, so you'll need to locate and blow up a secret wall to get to it.

These are in the 2nd demo; just thought I'd share them. I've already made some decent progress on areas after the end of the 2nd demo.


Demo 2 Released!

The second demo of Ill Horizon Shade has been released! This demo is about 30-40 minutes, and it is packed with even more creepy stuff! Enjoy some freaky, horrific horror!

Progress Report

Progress Report 2

Here's another quick post about my progress.

This is Vera, another character that Trig will meet. She is capable of using magic, but Trig will need to find Magic Drinks in order for her to cast a spell strong enough to eliminate the vines blocking their path.

New weapon: Mallet - A specialized weapon that doesn't give any stat boosts, but it will allow you to kill tiny enemies without taking damage.

There are many more surprises and spooks in store, but I won't be revealing them here!

A second demo may be on the horizon in about a week or two, if everything goes to plan!

Progress Report

Progress Report 1

I've been working on the indoor sections, which will happen right after the first demo.

This character is Kaz, someone Trig will meet. They won't get along that well, but Kaz will be in charge of a small cooking system. You'll be able to bring ingredients in order to make better healing items.

Of course, there are more monsters and more weapons/armor to find.
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