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"In the Hallowed Darkness, it calls to thee. Will thee heed the wretched call of the night? In a deplorable little shack, it waits . . . the Heart of Darkness."

Square and Triangle is a side-scrolling RPG Maker game where you play as the titular duo Square & Triangle, switching between them at will. The end-goal is to defeat the Heart of Darkness, an evil entity that lingers in a haunted shack. To do so, the duo will have to gather five orbs located in the shack in order to unlock the door behind which the entity waits.

The game is currently in development, with a second half being worked on, but is in a good enough state to release. The first half of the game functions well enough on its own. I cannot state when the game will be released as I cannot predict that, but I do intend to soldier on and finish it.

P.S. I'd like to clarify that this game originated as a contestant for a three-day game jam, and that the bulk of which you see here was intact when I first made it. It has received some polish since, including a change in controls, and some minor little touch-ups.

Also, I would advise checking the images, as they contain the ideal control scheme setup.

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Appended a Mistake

Uh, so I discovered that I had grabbed the wrong download link and the download link was instead tied to an old April Fools dating simulator I made. Talk about awkward for anyone who downloaded it, LOL. Anyway, all should be on the up and up now. I'll have to ask against that anyone who downloaded it, redownload it.
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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Excellent! First comment, first subscriber. I'm a fan, and will be streaming this soon enough :)
Please pretend it's a capital 'I' ;^;
I look forward to it! :D~
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Looks very neat! Gonna make sure to sub and follow its development.
Please pretend it's a capital 'I' ;^;
Looks very neat! Gonna make sure to sub and follow its development.

Thanks! :D. I will have updates in the future!
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