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The World
The story takes place in a Medieval-like period, where Humans, Monsters and Demons exist. Humans live in a fear of becoming a Monster's meal, and also from being killed or kidnapped by Demons. This is an era where heroes are needed. Who will be the one to save the day? Who will stand up, and chase away the evil forces, and bring back the peace in Midgard?

Mel, the orphan girl, had been adopted by Valleta family, living as a servant. As such, her life is full of hardship, and is often tormented by Raven, Valleta's only daughter who has twisted mind. One day, an event changed Mel's life.

She was forced out of the Valleta house. On one hand, she had nowhere to go. On the other hand, she was free to do as she pleased. She decides to go on a journey, and on this journey, she meets new friends, and will share with them many life-or-death situations.

However, Mel harbors a horrible secret she does not know about, but others might. A cruel, ancient god has been sealed away, and she can be a vessel for his resurrection. Such a thing happens every 500 years, and the forces that seek the freedom of the Demon God have been watching and waiting.

Key Features
Deck-building: build your own deck to fight against dangerous Enemies, you can choose your own fighting style
Customize Hero Girls' outfit: unlock new Costume and dress our hero girls the way you want
Classic RPG + Action: you can jump to house's roof top, climb up hills, pick/throw/smash stuffs

(the demo doesn't reflect the final game, so i am looking for your feedback, it will help me to refine the game better)
1.1 - Fix minor bugs
1 - Initial Release

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This looks super cool. I'll take a shot at testing it tomorrow.
Aaaand Norton's picking up a virus in the current .exe

Usually Norton's pretty good about telling me when something's simply not community verified vs when it's behaving like a virus, and it thinks the game executable is behaving like a virus. I've also lost a computer to an rpgmaker game before, so I'm inclined to be a bit cautious.

Also, is this a porn game?

The game description and screenshots here don't suggest that it is, but the thumbnail image and some of the other images over on the download page make it look like maybe there's a bunch of adult content.
Hii kumada,
Thank you for taking interest with the game!
You can rest asure, the game is completely clean, i applied extra protection on the game so that may be the cause.
Actually there will be a 18+ version for the game but not this one =D (there are only few half-naked screenshots but nothing too extreme)
Oh, okay. Would you be willing to create an exe that doesn't have the extra protection? That way I could check and see if it's indeed the extra protection that's interacting with my antivirus software.

Again, I lost a computer in an "I'm positive it doesn't have a virus" incident, so when Norton red-flags something I'm always trust-but-verify.

The card system still looks cool, and it's neat that you're offering clean and non-clean versions of the game, but you may want to mention in the game profile that both of these versions will be offered, and that the game is equally enjoyable in its depornified, non-spicy state.
Hi Kumada,
Thank you for your compliment and suggestion, i will definitely mention about that once i have both version ready.

For un-extra protection, sorry but i can't offer one =( The protection be there to protects my game's source code as well graphics. Though i still want to encourage you to give it a try because you can see there are few people had enjoyed it and left feedback on the game page and no one had security problems.
Or you can see a Let's Play video here, recored by Xenoneo:

I totally understand. No worries.

I'll check out the youtube video and try to offer some feedback based on analyzing that. It's not the same as playing, so my feedback will be a little limited, but I should still be able to get a feel for some of the art and mechanics.
Okay, feedback incoming.

-This is a really cool blend of systems. I like the action rpg elements, and the platforming looks cool and natural. They do a lot to dress up the fairly standard rtp tile and spritesets.

-The character art is awesome.

-The world map looks a little cluttered, but having the names display for every location makes it really easy to tell what is and what is not a valid place to go.

-The script feels a bit translated. If you've got everything in a word doc and you'd like me to proof it, just let me know.

-It's weird that some swears are censored and not others, especially since there are so many of them.

-It is weird that Mel's first priority before clothes or shelter is picking fruit in the forest.

-The card system is really cool and the cards look awesome.

-The enemy radar and battle systems look great.

-Enemy battlers look super cool too.

-Cards coming from things that happen to Mel (scold, bath, etc) is a really neat gimmick too.
Hi Kumada,
Thank you for your compliments.
I am really happy to hear that (=⌒▽⌒=)
And that's so nice of you to offer to proof the game's script, i will remember it (since English is not my native language, i have a lots trouble with the script)

It is weird that Mel's first priority before clothes or shelter is picking fruit in the forest.
You're totally right about this, haha, i will fix this immediately
Thanks Kumada
Wwooooooo this looks GREIGHT! Should get more buzz. Kind of a bummer this only got 35 downloads, gonna be the 36th as soon as i have some time!!! :D
Wwooooooo this looks GREIGHT! Should get more buzz. Kind of a bummer this only got 35 downloads, gonna be the 36th as soon as i have some time!!! :D

Hi @Joseph Seraph, thank you for your compliments. I hope you will like it, the game is progressing steadily, i am planning to release a new demo sometime soon =)
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