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Progress Report

Making Houses in the SAME MAP - Final Fallacy Devlog #4 (Indie Game Development)

In Final Fallacy rpg game, you can go inside the buildings now! Pretty sweat! In Indie games you want to see the map and the buildings to be in the same space in order to give immersion! Also in Final Fallacy indie game you can dive now to the depths of the rivers and oceans to find new ground and new creatures! 8-bit resources are still incoming, but the process has been quite nice so far! Come and enjoy seeing indie game progress reports from Final Fallacy!

Final Fallacy brings back the classic 8-bit RPGs, with a few twists! Start with group of three heroes and gather your party along the way to face the hardest foe of all… the harsh reality.

Progress Report

Hunter abilities and running minigame

Worked on today:

Hunter Abilities:

Traps In Battle: (the one to whom this is used for get's a trap in front of it. If attacked by enemy, the enemy get's hurt. Trap has a chance will it get broken) On the map: Places a trap in front of the party, which may trigger when enemy hits it)

Stalking the Prey In battle: (makes hunter invisible for the enemies on the battlefield) On map: makes hunter invisible for npc's)

Forest Walk (gives temporary speed and you are able to go through tree objects)

Running Minigame

A game of agility, stamina and strategy. You and multiple NPC's run and test their running skills. Whoever gets to the finish line get's a price.

Progress Report

Working on Final Fallacy Class #1 - Sumo


Sumo is one of the classes in Final Fallacy. They are ready to take on any challenge with their heavy posture. Sumo's use special Kimarite-techniques known to be used by great Sumo's of the past. In the beginning of the game they cannot use most weapons and armor, but having the biggest health pool of the bunch, they plunge fearlessly forward without hesitation!

Special Abilities:

Healthy Diet (autom) - You can heal Sumo characters with just food items. Any other character does not get healed from food.

Heavy Posture: (autom) - +1 RES, has 50% less chance of falling down from attacks. However, it has -20% of evading attacks.

Kimarite-techniques - Pool of Unique Sumo Abilities Focused on Close-Combat using one's body as a weapon. Pulling opponents leg, wrestling opponent on the ground, and more!

*Planning to post more regularly. Because of the current situation, had some time off. Now time to get into the action!

Progress Report

Creating Locations Spawning Objects - Progress Report 6# for Final Fallacy

Buildings, locations, everything is created with changing and interact-able objects! Final Fallacy will have trees to cut down, buildings to go into that are procedural creations or made by people living inside of them! Game created with RPG Maker MV

Progress Report

Trees and Resource Management - Progress Report 5# for Final Fallacy

Did you know you could cut down any tree in Final Fallacy? Yes, you could! You can get timber and wood to craft variety of things. Trees fall down realistically and impact on the map around them.

Progress Report

Music for Final Fallacy - Progress Report 4# for Final Fallacy

Making Music for Final Fallacy, an update showing orchestra and old computer sounds used. I am composer first and foremost, why not use that to my advantage when developing a video game? The plan is to make 2 version of each track to the final game.

Progress Report

Working on the NPC - Progress Report 3# for Final Fallacy

Final Fallacy is going to have a bit more complex NPC's than in your average RPG.

Usually in RPG's NPC (non-player characters) is a talking machine that repeats it's lines that have been built in. However in Final Fallacy, to build the feel of a real world, NPC's react to everything you do and whatever happens in the world.

Read More at: Final Fallacy Blog

Progress Report

Custom Character Swinging Animations - Progress Report 2# for Final Fallacy

Final Fallacy is having full original custom animations for characters and weapons. It has been a long process to get them working. Currently I am making animation working for Swords, Spears and Bows. See the video down below for an example:

Read more at: https://www.finalfallacy.com/blog/custom-character-swinging-animations-progress-report-2-for-final-fallacy

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