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The sequel to the horror j-RPG Fear & Hunger. The game takes place in the same universe, but it is a stand-alone story and no prior knowledge of the series is required.

CAUTION! The game has content that is ADULTS ONLY! This includes gore, drugs and violence, even visual scenes of sexual violence. Many of the themes in the game can be found offensive. Anyone proceeding with the game should be aware of this and if you are sensitive to such subjects, it might be better to look elsewhere.


The game takes place in an alternative take on the real world, where religions and occult are a lot more prevalent and where ancient deities are still worshipped in everyday life. The year is 1942 and the world has just gone through decades of turmoil with two great wars behind and no end in sight for the despair.

You can pick one of the many characters, each with their own story set around the city of Prehevil. Each character comes to the city with different motives, but it soon becomes painfully clear that things are not right in the city and it is up to you to solve the mysteries behind the horrors that took over the nearby areas. There are powers at play that go beyond human comprehension.


  • Slow burn horror atmosphere

  • Gameplay mixing turn-based battles and real-time combat on the field

  • Strategic dismember combat system

  • Freedom to explore the area without set path

  • The game will be difficult

  • Custom art and OST

  • Many different playable characters/classes

The game is still in relatively early development. There will be a free demo coming later this year. I will probably follow similar schedule as with the previous game where I'll release lengthy demos throughout the development to get feedback and also to keep my own motivation up and the final product will get released at some later time, who knows when.

More info to come later!

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So my favorite dev is back with a new game =) cool!
Your style is just very attractive as usual

I did not know how badly Fear & Hunger needed a 1942 backdrop until this existed.

Thank you for making this!


I did not know how badly Fear & Hunger needed a 1942 backdrop until this existed.

Thank you for making this!


Yeah the 1942 era came as a last minute surprise for me too. I hadn't thought about such game at all previously with the planning of the sequel. But with the setting many of the plot points started to make sense and certainly it's a dark period in the history of mankind.
It's definitely perfect for the game. I'm just kind of surprised the timeline syncs up with our earth. The first game felt very much like it took place in its own setting, and I'm kind of curious to see whether Termina keeps to that. 1942 in a world that only sort of mirrors our own would be really interesting.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Dude, subbed! :D
Dude, subbed! :D

Awesome! Long time no see! Which reminds me, I downloaded your game a while ago when I switched from Mac to Windows. I need to write up a review!
I'm liking this game's aesthetic more than the first one. Keep it up.
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