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The sequel to the horror j-RPG Fear & Hunger. The game takes place in the same universe, but it is a stand-alone story and no prior knowledge of the series is required.

CAUTION! The game has content that is ADULTS ONLY! This includes gore, drugs and violence and some nudity. Many of the themes in the game can be found offensive. Anyone proceeding with the game should be aware of this and if you are sensitive to such subjects, it might be better to look elsewhere.


The game takes place in an alternative take on the real world, where religions and occult are a lot more prevalent and where ancient deities are still worshipped in everyday life. The year is 1942 and the world has just gone through decades of turmoil with two great wars behind and no end in sight for the despair.

You can pick one of the many characters, each with their own story set around the city of Prehevil. Each character comes to the city with different motives, but it soon becomes painfully clear that things are not right in the city and it is up to you to solve the mysteries behind the horrors that took over the nearby areas. There are powers at play that go beyond human comprehension.


  • Slow burn horror atmosphere

  • Gameplay mixing turn-based battles and real-time combat on the field

  • Strategic dismember combat system

  • Freedom to explore the area without set path

  • The game will be difficult

  • Custom art and OST

  • Many different playable characters/classes

The game is still in relatively early development. There will be a free demo coming later this year. I will probably follow similar schedule as with the previous game where I'll release lengthy demos throughout the development to get feedback and also to keep my own motivation up and the final product will get released at some later time, who knows when.

More info to come later!

Latest Blog

A small progress update / February 2020

Thanks for all the great feedback from the first demo of Termina!
I got a lot of valuable info and some changes are made accordingly.
The next demo version will (hopefully) drop later in Q1 of 2020.
The next version will add few new characters to choose from as well as a lot of area expansions among other stuff.

If you haven't tried the first demo yet, I suggest you go check it out right now!

Here're few new screenshots to show what to expect from the update:

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  • 02/05/2020 03:14 PM
  • 12/25/2020
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So my favorite dev is back with a new game =) cool!
Your style is just very attractive as usual

I did not know how badly Fear & Hunger needed a 1942 backdrop until this existed.

Thank you for making this!


I did not know how badly Fear & Hunger needed a 1942 backdrop until this existed.

Thank you for making this!


Yeah the 1942 era came as a last minute surprise for me too. I hadn't thought about such game at all previously with the planning of the sequel. But with the setting many of the plot points started to make sense and certainly it's a dark period in the history of mankind.
It's definitely perfect for the game. I'm just kind of surprised the timeline syncs up with our earth. The first game felt very much like it took place in its own setting, and I'm kind of curious to see whether Termina keeps to that. 1942 in a world that only sort of mirrors our own would be really interesting.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Dude, subbed! :D
Dude, subbed! :D

Awesome! Long time no see! Which reminds me, I downloaded your game a while ago when I switched from Mac to Windows. I need to write up a review!
I'm liking this game's aesthetic more than the first one. Keep it up.
This looks really really cool. I especially like the art direction!
This looks really really cool. I especially like the art direction!
Thanks. I think the art is the most refined part of the game, everything else is me trying to survive with the music and coding, etc. Still I think there're some cool things here.

Feedback & Hunger incoming...

-Title screen is wonderful and atmospheric. Dopplering background screams certainly set a tone, and when the music kicks in everything gets a very best-of-late-80s-horror vibe.

-Menu sounds and menu responsiveness are both phenomenal. Small elements, but they're done perfectly here.

-Oh. Huh. The occultist was born a boy, but dresses fem because his mother promoted this to keep the church of All-Mer from involving him too heavily? Or am I misunderstanding the prologue text?

-"You proved out to have great talent" should just be "proved to"

-The Vatican having a "Ministry of Darkness" feels kind of narmy. Honestly, just the phrase "Ministry of Darkness" feels very overblown and silly in its own right.

-I really like the depth of the prologue.

-Whoah. The god choices are excellent. And I'm guessing choosing fear & hunger ties directly to the events of the first game?

-"Your affliction with said god grew greatly" affiliation

-Whoah, that menu screen has some strong persona vibes to it. It's almost a little distracting, but I like the design.

-Knife's weapon description is as a "short iron sword". Should be blade instead of sword?

-Also, I start with both a "Knife Occultist" and a "Knife 1/100"? Is this a bug?

-Whoah, engraving affects character art. That is cool as heck and this looks ridiculously polished.

-Not having any text for what each of the menu options is feels a little needlessly clunky. Maybe have "items" or "equipment" or whatever show midscreen as you highlight it?

-Just having the skin bible of gor-goroth let me grave his sigil. I didn't have to read it first. Is this intended? Also, I didn't start with the sigil of the moon god, who was the one I let in. Is *this* intended?

-Lucky Coins altering the coin flip mechanic is excellent. I am all about having a spendable resource that lets you tilt the odds on the otherwise punishing 50/50s the past game threw at you.

-Have you played Little Nightmares? I am getting strong Little Nightmares vibes from the train. Incidentally, I super dig Termina as a title and trains as a theme, especially tying into the WWI setting.

-The janitor is a bit strong. Also, it reacts not at all to having its genitals stabbed off. I had hoped that might buy me time by stunning it, but yeah no. Zero percent cares about losing those.

-The leg-sawing animation goes on for a little too long. Not like too long in a scary way, but like I think you'll get a stronger horror-hit out of having it finish quickly.

-"The janitor walked away to get more materials for cubes" Cubes? This hasn't been explained in any way up to this point. Maybe walked away mumbling about cubes?

-I *really* dig the festival angle, and the expansion of the lore to include Rher. Although that brings up an interesting question. Is the moon good you can let inside Rher? And is it the same as the force behind Moonless from the previous game?

-Containers have an "opened" sprite. This is huge.

-I like that you meet the rest of the cast after disembarking from the train. The first game had cool elements and branching narratives, but this feels tighter and more rigorously planned from the start.

-"They had these kinds of hallucinogens experimented on war prisoners before" should be "They had these kinds of hallucinogens tested on prisoners of war before."

-"I wish I had your capacity and feist" I dunno if either of these words is totally right. Maybe something like "I wish I had your capacity for biting at every line"?

-The maps are all beautiful. Honestly, the audiovisual impression of this game is amazing.

-You get an urge to jump down the well, but you can't act on it?

-Compared to the instant meatgrinder of the first game, this is heavily atmospheric. I love it.

-What are the yellow and blue icons next to your name in combat?

-The man near the abandoned truck, when you get near him, framerate drops to almost nil. Not sure what's going on.

-Game could really use a "retrieve beartrap" function. I popped down a trap in front of the man, he stopped moving, and refuses to approach through the beartrap. Unfortunately, that trap is on a single-tile wide path, so I can't progress any further in that direction.

-Okay, the beartrap just straight up won't trigger on that man. Although it won't trigger on me either. Intended?

-Double coin flips work perfectly.

-Deployed boobytrap, Chaugnar just strolled right over it, taking no damage in the process. Is this intended?

-Got very murdered by Chaugnar.

-This is a FANTASTIC demo and I will play more. I'm kind of amazed by how much there is and how polished it is. There seems to be an excellent depth to the game in almost every possible direction, and I am hugely stoked to see more of this as it develops.
This looks awesome and very original! :D
Kumada! Back with the specific feedback! Thanks a lot for the help!

- that one line of text about occultist seemed to start a lot of discussion on discord.
- I agree the Ministry of Darkness is a little cringe. I'll have to see how I handle it.
- The persona-esque menus are something I've been going back and forth with. I'll see how the overall game feel goes before choosing what to do with it.
- the knife 1/100 is not a bug. There's now a possibility of getting weapons with slightly different stats and the plugin brought that info along with it. It is a bit distracting.
- I agree the menu seems a bit clunky... It's kind of a long story why I went with that design. I tried to emulate the feeling of playing some super obscure japanese SNES roms as a child when the game was only partially translated. The cryptic nature kind of added to the vibe of mystery. It's not good game design, but yeah...
- maybe it's better if you need to read the book before using sigils. It just works similar to recipe books where the book itself makes it possible already.
- Yeaah.. I've played Little Nightmares :D There are quite few on the nose references in the game.
- I'll have to tweak that leg sawing animation. I agree it's a bit too slow.
- And oh yeah, you must have attacked the janitor right away. The cube line doesn't make sense if you do that. I need to fix that.
- I need to go through the talk with the rest of the cast again. There are bunch of awkward lines there.
- jumping down the well might be coming later on.... :O
- the yellow and blue icons are the new rev up system. There is a book explaining it, probably should be available at the start. Using one Rev point boosts your attack, using 2 makes you attack twice and so on. Also some magic require rev points.
- I've heard about some framerate drops. I need to investigate that...
- I agree on that retrieve beartrap. It's coming.
- which enemy ignored the beartrap?
- Boobytrap only stuns enemies. Probably won't work on Chaugnar because that enemy is a bit stronger....

I'm really glad you got good first impressions. I've kind of been insecure about the game lol. It's so different compared to the first game and since I've only been testing it myself, I haven't been that sure if it all translates well to players.
I think if you specified that the Vatican was aligned with All-Mer, or with multiple gods, or with something like that it would make it more clear that it's not the this-world Vatican. Just, like, "the Vatican of all gods" is a baller name and would do a lot to emphasize how the worlds are separate.

I am genuinely curious if I understood the line about the occultist correctly, and honestly the line might work as a beat that's never truly followed up on, that way the player can decide for themselves how the occultist thinks of himself (edit: just realized she goes by Marina. Herself?). Granted, if Sylvian plays a part in this game, it might be narratively tough to avoid talking any further about the occultist's gender, but I'm interested to see how this gets followed up on if at all.

What does the 1/100 in the knife mean? I'm cool with weapons having different stats, and especially with those different versions of the weapon having different names to make it possible to tell them apart at a glance, but if there's a way to replace that 1/100 with like "of the beast", "blood-hungry", "stalwart", etc, that would be even more useful from the player side of things.

I am 100% with you on the feeling of playing partially translated, or old and unintuitive games being cool, but those icons in the menu are the only part of termina that really lean into that aesthetic, and as such they kind of stand out as clunky. I really like the icons, but some text to contextualize them would be really helpful.

I'm super okay with books working like recipe books in the previous game, where they unlock knowledge as you read them.

Little Nightmares is splendid, and the visual references are weirdly perfect for a WWI era game.

I didn't know there were multiple conversation routes with the janitor. I more or less got into combat with him right away.

The Rev system sounds super cool, but starting with a book that explains it would be very helpful since it's a significant mechanic that every character has. I do genuinely like how many tools the player has at their disposal in termina, and how the game retains a strong horror feel despite how comparatively well-armed the player is.

The man outside Chaungnar's bunker ignored the beartrap, but I think that's partly because I placed it outside of the fenced enclosure and he's unable to walk out of that area.

The boobytrap looks like an IED. A text indicator that it just stuns would be helpful. I was expecting it to be the upgraded version of the beartrap.

This is definitely not a game to be insecure about. F&H was a really cool project, and this could just be because of my tastes as a gamer, but I still like termina way, way more. The pacing feels less meat-grindery and more slow-burn...but only until things get dangerous, and then it's 100% back into the grinder. This lets termina shift back and forth between feelings of tense safety and acute dread with much more agility than F&H. F&H had cool locations like the courtyard to break up the oppressive feeling of the dungeons, but they were rare. Termina feels more like a 50/50 split between dungeon and courtyard style locations, and I really like that. I'm also super down for the evolving metaplot and the updated setting.

Basically you've created a super cool thing.

Anyway, testing further. This time doing a run as the soldier.

-"you made a pact with the said god for life" with said god for life

-For the 'weapon' and 'armor' parts of the equip screen, your character class displays on top of some of your equipment. Minor bug, but looks a little janky.

-BUG: Okay, I'm in the prologue, I have a trenchgun, I have five shells, I equip the trenchgun, I get a "you are out of ammo and we have unequipped your trenchgun" message. What's going on here?

-Oh, okay. If you don't immediately go hostile against the janitor, the scene adapts accordingly. That's super neat and adds a lot of mystery and replayability to the prologue.

-"You to assemble cubes" not sure what the intended spelling was, but maybe the 'you' is meant as 'use'?

-Successfully jinked around the janitor this time. I really like how many possible variants of routes there are through the prologue.

-Hard confirmed, trenchgun is bugged. Trenchgun does not recognize its own ammo outside of the prologue, either. If you equip it, it unequips.

-Marina: "Maybe it's just because I've been studying occult and religion" the occult and religion. Also, Perkele *introduces* the moon as Rher, so it's a bit weird that Marina says 'hey I think it's rher'. Unless Perkele's dialogue and the information he lets slip is supposed to canonically be different for each character, even though it isn't for the player? If this is the case, I feel like it still might be a thing that's difficult to communicate to the player.

-Yellow mage: "we are not known to pulic as we once were" We are not as known to the public as we once were

-I really like the way the herbs match the background. A lot of rpgs go the opposite route and try to make items stand out, which usually I am all for encouraging, but hunting for unique plants against the mist and the muted color palette feels very immersive in this game.

-Combat manual is super useful, especially for newbies to the series, and I feel like you should probably start with it.

-Okay, so you can use shotgun shells as an item in combat? And they do nothing? You may want to just disable them as being combat usable if this is not an intended function.

-Rifle, I am happy to announce, is not bugged.

-Does Marksmanship apply outside of combat? Or during combat as well?

-I like that the items you can pick up in the prologue are available on the train even if you skip the prologue. That's a good design choice.

-Wait, lavender is an item but you can't harvest it from the purple flowers on the map?

-"There is absolutely nothing inside expect" except. This is part of the dialogue for the toilets.

-Shot a villager, searched her, no dialogue box. Searched her again, dialogue box saying that she had nothing. Bug?

-The car in the village can't be interacted with? It seems like it should produce at least some dialogue.

-The house with the red box in front of it---the red box can't be interacted with, and the bookshelf inside can't be interacted with either.

-Drinking a light blue vial does not give you a glass vial and it feels like it should.

-The gun versions of the sprites look great.

-I genuinely like the silent hill style static that alerts you when an enemy is juuuust barely off-screen. It adds to the game's terror but cuts down on its surprise-lethal-combat ambush factor.

-In the basement of the house with the red box out front, there is a pipe that is supposed to go overhead but instead in non-passable and blocks off a hallway.

-I wish there was a way to switch weapons in combat. Like, at all. Because a lot of things are ammo based, and because of the setting, emptying the mag of a pistol and then pulling a knife feels very in-flavor and in-balance for the game, and yet you can't do it.

-Man the sountrack was good.

-The basement in the section of town to the east, the villager to the south walks up to the edge of the wooden area and then stops. He won't chase you past it, which feels weird and also can cause you to waste boobytraps/beartraps.

-Selecting "give an offering" on the new gods ritual circle does nothing. Or at least it doesn't give you a dialogue box telling you anything happened.

-Man this demo is big.

-Ah, I think I found the route of the lag problem. When a monster runs into a barrier, it seems to happen the most. Particularly if that barrier is at an angle? I've gotten it to show up in some other places in the game, and it's always when a monster can't get to me.

-Can confirm all trenchguns are bugged, not just the starting one.

-After thinking about it, I feel like firearms shouldn't automatically unequip after they run out of ammo. After all, buttstocking someone is a bit better than punching them, and it only gets more advantageous if, for example, the rifle or trenchgun features a bayonette. Having the weapon default to a lower rate of damage when there's no ammo might be better, and would also take some of the pressure off the need for weapon-switching in combat. It would also reduce situations where on the map you fire your last bullet at an approaching enemy, your gun unequips, and you go into combat unarmed.

-The four ages of history book misspells distinguished

-I wish Anathomia covered what each status effect did, other than what the symbols mean.

-Wow the mayor's arm is resistant to rifle bullets. Also, rifles don't unequip when you lose your arm?
-you're right the trenchgun was seriously bugged and ammo was wonky otherwise too. I just dropped a quick-fix for the biggest bugs in the initial release. Trenchgun is now working (should be at least)

- also the ammo system is working properly too. (Should be at least :P ) Previously it didn't deplete your ammo in-battle, but it should be fixed now too.

- Also added the combat manual to the menu when you start the game.

- You can also pick up booby traps and bear traps when unused now.

- Occultist has gathered many puzzled people. I think you understood the line in the intro correctly.

Many other people wished to be able to switch weapons in-battle too, so that feature is coming too. I already got it running properly, but it's not in the demo yet. Also for the next update the 1/100 in the item menu will disappear. It's useless text as far as this game is concerned.
More feedback:

-Wait, there's televisions but it's WWI?

-So, shooting a villager but not killing them via Marksman doesn't seem to damage them at all. Shot a villager twice with a rifle outside of combat, entered combat with them and they had all limbs at full hp.

-When Vile loses balance, the text says "the woodsman loses balance"

-I really wish the rev'd multiswing let you pick multiple targets, rather than having to attack the same limb twice.

-Confirming that sometimes the search option on a downed villager doesn't return a result.

-Pipesmash villager has a pipe arm that can withstand an attack from a knife, making him maybe the only villager that can do this. Intended? It's weird that he'd be more threatening than double knife villager or Vile.

-So I have the necromancy skill, but I can't use it on a downed villager. Intended?

-You can walk onto one of the tables in the mayor's home. Second floor right side, has a document on it.

-You can't go through the doorway chaugnar opened in the wall?

-The elevator descending animation looks a little weird. I think just hearing the sound cues lets us know it's descending. It doesn't have to slowly and wobblingly go from top to bottom of the screen.

-Chaugner smashing through the second wall legitimately jumpscared me.

-He super ignores boobytraps, which is frustrating since you're supposed to run from him. I feel like they should at least stun him for a moment, even if they don't set him up to be killed.

-No unique death scene for chaugnar? He seems like he should have one.

-The whole chaugnar sequence feels VERY luck-dependent. The corridors are tight, boobytraps do nothing, and he has triple attack strings, so even with three characters if you fail to run and his string goes off the right way, you instalose. On top of that, once you get to the subbasement you have to pick a direction blindly, and certain things that are not ladders look like ladders,

-Is there a way in the current build for the ex-soldier to recruit the occultist? I found the opposite, which the occultist needs, since he is VERY reliant on the rng giving him a weapon or a usable spell. However, more powerful enemies spam attacks so effectively that I feel like having a second character might be vital for the ex-soldier as well, just to program in additional actions per turn and absorb some half-hp attacks.

-Is Headless recruitable? Ghoul murdered him before I could finish giving the Good Boy all the meat from my inventory, and I'm curious whether this is a callback to the first game or a trap for complacent players with heavily meat-based inventories.

-Similarly, is there a point where you feed the goat enough carrots that he does something?
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