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A Game About Cube Wars Tournament

Cube Wars is a game of cube wars tournament. You'll need to play 4 rounds in order to win the tournament.

Most of the graphics are there just for the functional purposes. There are some shapes here and there and sometimes there is also an image of the contestants too. I think that the graphics can be improved especially when the contestants are talking before the battle; there is only an image of the contestant and some texts about what the contestant is saying.

The game
You'll automatically join a tournament once you start the game. Luckily, the game will give you a tutorial if you're joining the tournament for the first time. Basically, you'll play as a cube on the left side and there will be another cube, your opponent, placed on the right side. You'll have to fight either by pushing the enemy out of bounds or by depleting his/her health bar. There will be no time limit and some powerups will spawn after some time has passed to help you or your opponent to win.

In my opinion, the tutorial is very detailed even though they are not mentioning about the powerups. After i'm doing some trial and error, i noticed that some powerups are quite unbalanced. The "B" powerup can deplete all of the enemy HP while the "L" powerup hardly gives any damage (they also can be deflected by "F" powerup too, unlike the "B" powerup). Also, some powerup like "S" doesn't really help at all and more like a bonus to guarantee you to get the next powerup.

The round will end after you win 3 matches. However, the powerups aren't respawned after each matches, meaning that you can kill the enemy when a powerful powerup spawned near the opponent's starting point and the opponent is guaranteed to get that powerup on the next match. It happened to me once and i automatically died since the "B" powerup is just right next to him/her.

To be honest, i'm quite enjoying the game even though it becomes repetitive after you get the hang of it. There is no replayability value after you win the tournament though; the screen before you start the tournament will display how many times you win and lose in a tournament and that's it.

- Detailed tutorial
- Powerups

- Powerups are not balanced
- Powerups are not reseted after a match ends

The game is quite fun to play although there isn't much in it. To be honest, i feel like the game is more on the functionality side since the graphics aren't eye catching at all.


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Thank you for the kind review.
Personally I think you were being generous and I would have been happy with 2 stars.
yes you are totally right the Beam is waaaaay over powered(I still have all the source code so maybe one day I will address the issues you have mentioned)

Thanks for playing ;)
Not really. I'm quite enjoying the game after all. I usually only give 2 stars if the game is buggy or frustating to play, which is not the case for this one.

And thanks for making the game too!
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