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Project Changed, Status Completed, New Project Update

After quite some thinking and a recent encounter with a friend that led both of us to discover that we're secretly creating games without the other knowing, has led to this project changing from 365 days to 31 days and it's status going to COMPLETED.

BAUER (his name is actually Spannbauer, but I call him Bauer) and I are teaming up and taking a go at the 365 Days of Games together. What we want to do is branch this outside of RPG Maker and create games using other engines as well. This involves getting to know those engines well enough and creating assets, buying them or downloading free ones. We want to prepare for the next couple of months so when we begin the project we can put out games that are good, challenging and interesting.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the games and played them (especially you Frogge and Cap_H). I hope you guys liked the project and are eager to tune in when the new one comes!

This is not the final blog post.


Progress Report


This past month has been quite the trip and I am so happy that I have begun this project. Some days I can invest more time into the games, other days not so much, but I always try and come up with a concept, something that I can later come back to and can expand on, something that gives me ideas.

Day 25 was honestly the worst thing I have ever made hahaha. I was trying to transform a larger idea of mine into something compact, but it didn't work and the end result was a bunch of flies flying over this "game".

Day 26, the drawing engine, was an idea I had before I went to sleep and wanted to really give it a go. I have shown this to a friend and he said I could've easily done this in Construct, without all the logic and programming behind. But, I really liked that it proved to be a challenge to me to figure out how to make and it was very satisfying to see the end result.

Day 31 I actually like this game hahaha. Love the idea of being a killer and going around trying to catch folks. Add some sound effects, a cool ass animation when you catch someone - I see this as a potentially good game of Deadly Tag.

Some days I am so tired all I wanna do is sleep. So I give myself 15 minutes to create something. By the time I arrive at an idea, my brain has already become enthusiastic about making the game and all of a sudden I have energy to make develop the idea further. Sometimes it's all about delaying your tiredness for later and leaving room for the passion that made you start the project in the first place.

The real challenge begins when I return back to Romania, start school, live with BIanca (my girlfriend), family in the same town - you know, all the regular things that require your love and time in order to prosper. Right now, I am in artistic heaven. Yes, I am tired, but at the end of the day it's just me and tomorrow, it's just the job and a couple of people and my best friend, but, all in all, a routine which I can juggle with and does not come with unexpected happenings.

11 Months left. If I get bored of RPG Maker for some reason, I will switch platforms in order to preserve my enthusiasm and learning curve.

This is me, this is Eli, fuckin love everything and all ya'll for making such a great community here, fkn love this engine - fuck, isn't life beautiful...


Progress Report

Day 15 - 20: Second Job, Sickness and Movies

The Casino where I work has finally decided to give us extra hours (which I need in order to pay back the loan I took to come to the US), so I'm basically working 12 hrs or 14 hrs each day.

These past few days I have tackled game design from a minimal aspect and have decided to take on a different approach, one that surprises through the hidden.

I thought about it and said to myself, "If they are not long games, at least they should have a comical aspect to it, some philosophical lining, some magic to extract from within.".

Nothing has come up until now that has made me quit. The idea that I might not have a clue what to create has escaped my thoughts completely and been replaced by the joy of discovery.

I have also been sick the past 3 days. Shit. I haven't been sick the whole year.

Been watching all the movies about Indie Game Development I could find. Surviving Indie, From Bedroom to Millions, The Witness NoClip Documentary, Indie Game The Movie - was really curious the type of things other devs face, the struggles and the happiness, the magic and the grinding - learning a lot.



Progress Report

Day 9 - 14: Late Night Shifts

The past few days have been quite a challenge to make. Sometimes I would be sitting in the shower and thinking up a game, other times I would be at work and something would come up - but, a couple of times, I am just there, you know, in front of the PC, thinking: なに が つくったい? (I actually don't think in japanese, yet, but I can't wait for when I do!)

What should I make? A question with which I have been faced so many times over the years. The solution I have always gone to was stare at an element and let my mind play around with it.

If it's a tree tile I am starring at, my mind will ask all sorts of questions:

Is the NPC a tree?
Can I summon it with a word?
I can burn trees. Maybe make a game where your a wildfire?
What rhymes with tree? Free! Game where I free trees from humans?
Climb a tree?
Cut a tree?
Tree in Japanese? In Romanian? Can I connect there 2 with English?
What can I make from a tree if I sacrifice it?
Text adventure?
World made from trees?
Tree porn?
Something offensive? Tree swears? Tree riot? Tree manga?
Should I eat? Am I thirsty? Can a tree be?

If after all these questions that run through my head over the span of 10-20 seconds I do not arrive at an answer, then I move on to another element.

NOTE: Starring at a blank page ain't go do shit for me. Seen this in movies and I just find it borderline artist-retarded. Worst thing you can do when you don't have an immediate idea is do nothing. Even taking elements and putting them chaotically around the screen will give you something.

This is still a lot of fun.

Fuck. Making games is enriching, puts me in a spot where I have to use many bits of information and connect them.

My favorite games are the magic-trick ones. I have made the 3, but I don't have any idea for a following one. Even batter, as it will surprise me when the idea knocks on my eyelids.

Love to you all.


Progress Report

Day 7 and 8

With the 7th day I tried something a bit more story driven. A bit more chill. Something where you sort of just sit back and enjoy what's happening. I really liked making it look as if the main character was in a cinema.

With the 8th day I really wanted to do a platformer. See how I could go about it. Read somewhere I could use events, so I did that (along with passage control). Wanted to make a small puzzle that made sense. Something that flows. I feel like I have improved a little with this game regarding how to make it so you hint towards certain information, hint towards certain actions (while concealing others) and, most of all, adding a feature without letting the player know (all for that moment of epiphany).

Was fun.
Is fun.

Progress Report

Day 6: A game about worrying (and shrooms)

Played around with tinting the screen (creating trippy visuals haha), interacting with objects from around the world and creating multiple endings.

Really had a lot of fun making this one. It touches on a subject that I encounter a lot when I talk with random people/friends/family - worrying and I wanted to take this opportunity to "talk" about it.

Hope you find inside something to your liking.

Progress Report

The last 5 days

In the background:

I am away on a student program here in the USA, Minnesota and have a full time job, working 8-10 hours. I flip burgers, make wraps - you know, fast food joint business. It's not much, but the people I work with give me a lot of good vibes. Outside of that, I have friends that want to play LOL together (I main Zilean haha), just chit-chat or go out meditating/playing the drums. Besides these, I have to keep studying Japanese, for if I don't, I'll fall behind and when college begins in October, I'll be in big trouble (nonetheless, I love studying japanese).

The Creative Process

Because it's doomed that unexpected occurrences will happen, my subconscious mind knows I have to come up with an idea in the shortest time possible. Because of this, urechile-mi sutn mereu ciulite (Romanian expression that lit. translates to "my ears are always twisted", which refers top one always paying attention) to conversations around me, people, their activities - all coming together to inspire me throughout this adventure.

The Development Process

I am at a point where I am comfortable with the fundamentals of RPG MV and want to create as much as possible with these. Once I feel like it's time to advance, I will add a new toy, a new feature, a new plugin and keep creating around that idea. Sort of like how a platformer introduces new elements in a game and expands upon them.

Challenges and Ideas

If you would like for me to try and create something, hit me up with a story or idea and I will give it my best, giving the time I have :D !

Eli here, signing out.

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