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The last 5 days

In the background:

I am away on a student program here in the USA, Minnesota and have a full time job, working 8-10 hours. I flip burgers, make wraps - you know, fast food joint business. It's not much, but the people I work with give me a lot of good vibes. Outside of that, I have friends that want to play LOL together (I main Zilean haha), just chit-chat or go out meditating/playing the drums. Besides these, I have to keep studying Japanese, for if I don't, I'll fall behind and when college begins in October, I'll be in big trouble (nonetheless, I love studying japanese).

The Creative Process

Because it's doomed that unexpected occurrences will happen, my subconscious mind knows I have to come up with an idea in the shortest time possible. Because of this, urechile-mi sutn mereu ciulite (Romanian expression that lit. translates to "my ears are always twisted", which refers top one always paying attention) to conversations around me, people, their activities - all coming together to inspire me throughout this adventure.

The Development Process

I am at a point where I am comfortable with the fundamentals of RPG MV and want to create as much as possible with these. Once I feel like it's time to advance, I will add a new toy, a new feature, a new plugin and keep creating around that idea. Sort of like how a platformer introduces new elements in a game and expands upon them.

Challenges and Ideas

If you would like for me to try and create something, hit me up with a story or idea and I will give it my best, giving the time I have :D !

Eli here, signing out.