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Records in Blue is a hybrid between a DRPG and a side-scroll exploration game.

"Sometimes we wonder how different life would have been, had we found ourselves stranded and forced to walk a certain path. What, cut off from our standards of normalcy for long enough, would the new normal become? Cultures that started as one and the same, through parallel evolution, become nigh unrecognizable."

Enter our protagonist, the young knight Alma, who has been tasked with investigating a mysterious island that, after disappearing for over half a century, has strangely resurfaced in plain sight.

This project is a collaboration between JosephSeraph and Heirukichi, with Jo on the art, Heirukichi on the programming, and both of us on everything else.

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This looks amazing.

Let me know if you need testers.
whao, what is this. How far in the development is the game?
How far in the development is the game?
So far we have a working movement system with a nice sprite, a few interiors, one exterior map (the town in the screenshot), a working HUD and we are currently working on the battle system, which should be ready for an internal alpha version by the end of this month.
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