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Progress Report

I'm back

Hey guys,

I'm sorry that this page disappeared randomly. There was a couple of reasons why I took my game down temporally.
1) I looked carefully through the critical feedback I received and lost motivation. It sucks when strong criticism gets to you, but it's one of my major character flaws. But the thing about that is, it's completely unfair to take down my game just cause I got some major criticism. Especially to my subs and others who really enjoyed my game. Instead, as a creator, what I should've done (which is what I'm doing now), is analyze what worked and what didn't, fix it now and apply it for future titles. Which leads us to my next point...
2) During my hiatus, I've thought of a few ideas on how I can make the game better overall.
Unfortunately, The Sample Maps I've used are here to stay... That said, I'm taking the time to look through the interiors and making adjustments, Both Major and Minor. I understand that sample maps are lame and lazy, but my mapping skills aren't the greatest (Though they are getting better overtime). In my personal opinion, I'd rather play a sample map that someone touched up on than a poorly made map from scratch, As long as the developer has a great story and puzzles to make up for it... And of course doesn't just use Samples 100% of the time. But that's just me.
I've noticed alot of complaints regarding the infamous "Find the key at the governor's mansion" stealth mission. I can honestly say, I have alot to learn when it comes to programming. I'll be straight with you, My programming skills aren't that great (Though I suppose RPG Maker supports those with novice programming skills). However, alot of things can be polished and made alot better. Which is exactly what I'm doing right now. Here's a quick preview of the major change for the Governor's Mansion.

I'm working hard to improve the game with some quality of life changes that I've noticed based on feedback. The two most important being the EXP Decay and The Stuttering Dialogue. Version 1.3 will be the biggest update I've done. The release date is currently unknown at this time, however it should be out fairly soon.
As for the DLC stuff, I'll hopefully work on it sometime soon... I'll announce when I started here on this page.

As always thank you for showing interest in the game, and any criticism is welcomed as long as it's both constructive and detailed... Don't just say something like "Game is riddled with bugs" or "This town has a softlock" because that won't help me make it better.

Thank you,

Game Design

Interior Adjustments

Adjusted the patch once more. This time, I made some minor/major adjustments to the following interiors of the towns.
1) Lightviolet Docks
2) Both Lightviolet and Barviel Merchant Docks
3) Woodhaerst (Very Minor)
4) Bergson
5) PĂ©rilogne
Basically, this will make the entrances more lore friendly and the houses more unique. It's a start. I will make more adjustments down the road.

You'll find the patch here:

Make sure you have 1.2 obviously.

Game Design

Quick Patch for 1.2

After hearing some very helpful feedback, I made some adjustments that should hopefully fix the major issue regarding the Habala desert. Along with some other changes.

Here's the link:

Make sure you have 1.2 obviously.


Version 1.2

The newest Version 1.2 has arrived!

The newest feature is the ability to turn on or off quest markers! Here's how it works...
Gold = Main Quests
Silver = Side Quests
! = New Quest to take
? = Quest Progression
To find Quest Markers, go to the system menu.
1.2 has taken over 1.1... So it is required to re-download the game.
But don't worry, Your saves are still safe to use!

Here is the like for the download and the details as well.

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully when updating to 1.2.
Here's a video to help you out:

Game Design

Fixed Issue regarding Tocaez Hidden Temple!

Made some more corrections to the variables for this temple. If you've downloaded the patch before 6:46 PM (CST) on 10/2/2019, then download it once more.

Finally fixed the issue that people were having in regards to the stairs not appearing after resetting the puzzle at The Tocaez Hidden Temple. Without going into to too much detail about variables, it basically made it so it's minus 2 instead of minus 1. Anyway, I know it's annoying to download the same patch over and over again, but thanks for bearing with me as I try frantically to fix these issues.
As usual, Download link is here:

And remember, you MUST download 1.1.1 first before applying this patch.

And if you need help installing patches...
Refer to this link here:


Game's Release

Hey ya'll,

As some of you might've seen, the game is coming out 9/9 of 2019. What time you ask? Well... How about Midnight? That's right, it will be downloaded via mediafire later on.
Now since I'm here, I might as well give you some beginners tips to help you get started.

1) Go to Are's house on the second floor and look at the bookshelf. You'll find info regarding stats, classes and many different kinds of tips and tricks.
2) Check your quest log often if you're not sure what to do or if you lose track.
3) The game will provide a challenge! Don't get discouraged if you don't always win your fights first go around. Sometimes one or two of your members may get killed in the first turn of some fights. Plan on it and improvise!
4) Remember to visit all shops and blacksmiths in every town and city you visit and speak with the vendor.
5) Save often! Can't stress that enough!
6) Not really a tip, but something you should be aware of. The land of Utefue looks unfinished. That's only because it is unfinished. I plan to expand Utefue via a free update in the future. As part of the newly added content I will be adding. Stay tuned for more information later down the road.

Once again, thank you for your interest in The Star Rod Chronicles, and I hope you all enjoy it!


Progress Report

General Blog #1

Hey guys,
if you're just tuning in, welcome to The Star Rod Chronicles. I'm pretty excited to show you guys the game and hope you'll enjoy it! I did some of the stuff myself, but alot of the credit goes out to the community for putting their work out there for everyone to use. Sprites, Music, Script plug-ins, etc. Those guys are the real MVPs, I just wrote the story and characters.
Now, I know pre-mades aren't exactly everyone's favorite... But I did make tweaks to alot of them. Some subtle, some large.
Now as I mentioned in the description, this game is likely not perfect. I'm willing to bet there's some sort of error, bug and whatever else. So if you have a bug or error to report, send me a message or comment anywhere on the page to let me know and I'll patch it in the next update... Unless it's game breaking, then it will be fixed ASAP. And also note, I will be taking a 3 - 4 month break as I worked like a dog on this for awhile... But this doesn't mean it's the end of development. I got some ideas cooking that I will put in as free updates. More details will come later on so stay tuned.
Anyway, that's pretty much it. Thanks for taking an interest in the game and I hope you look forward to it!

Until next time,
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