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*Be sure to download Patch 1.1.1 after this for the fix regarding CTD when exiting Bestiary*

Sorry it was late. Here it is. This is Version 1.1. For the few who tested this, here are the changes in this version...
- Official Release.
- BGM Folder now has alot less unused Music files, therefore saving alot of space!
*Note* While I'm highly confident everything is in order, if you run into an error where a song is missing, let me know which song it is and I'll fix it immediatly!
- Fixed an issue where Khashin couldn't use Enerugi Kyuu 1 unless he uses an Axe.
- Very Minor corrections of Spelling and Grammar.
- Removed entry way to the Debug world at Lightviolet Church.
- Removed redundant Events.
- Ostia Docks now actually has big ships... Though you likely won't be able to see it much.
- Made some maps cleaner and made some tiles more passable.
- Redid The Toy Maker's Battler Sprite. Edited Thalzon's Clown 2 and added one of his swords and element sprites.
- Renamed Lynn's class to "Mercenary".
- Lightviolet's Chancellor now comes to you after speaking to the captain in getting your first quests.

Be sure to turn off your firewall.

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