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What is Metal Max Last Wish?

Metal Max Last Wish is a Fangame project designed to replicate the original product called by the same name.

Metal Max Last Wish is set in a post-apocalyptic open world where you have to survive against mutants and collect tanks and many other vehicles to defend yourself. (The games in the Metal Max series are turn-based, nonlinear, vehicle combat.)

What is the plot of Metal Max Last Wish?

After the Great Destruction, the world felt into chaos. Humanity did everything they could to survive against the mutants and machines created during the Great Destruction. Because of that, the humans created a new job called "Monster Hunter". Where the hunter kills enemies to protect everyone from being attacked and because of that, the economy was based around that.

The Hunters started using the Vehicles and Tanks left after the great destruction as their main way to hunt monsters. Customizing them and creating new powerful weapons for humanity.

You, as a young boy, want to become a Monster Hunter, but in the making, you realize something about the past of your diseased mother, (Also a Monster Hunter in her time) and want to know more about the strange circumstances in which she died. Start your journey as a monster hunter and collect tanks throughout your adventure.

What features will it provide?

6 Playable Characters (6 Different classes)
Full Human Equipment
Human Items only
16 Fully customizable tanks and vehicles.
Full Vehicles and Tanks Equipment
Vehicle battle Status Only
Vehicle Items only
New Game +
2 Regions and a Tutorial Region
Multiple Endings
A lot of Mutants Enemies.
Fan Creation Content

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Latest Blog

MMLW Dev Blog | 003 Demo and other stuff


Long time no see! I'm Metal Dreamer, today i'll bring out the dev blog. I have made some improvement to the game. Let's start.

  • I've created a fictional drink for special purposes in the game.(Story lore related)
  • We've made some new vehicles for the game.
  • We released a demo in our dedicated discord. I'll be releasing it later here but for now if you want the demo you'll need to join the discord server.

  • Currently working on second region of the game. (500x500 map)
  • Created a twitter acoount

  • Added New enemies and some bosses too.
  • Added Quest log.

    I'll be hosting some Beta testing over in the discord server. if you want to beta test the game before it's released here, you should join us! We are a small community but we're growing.

    That's all, if you have an question, feel free to ask!
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  • 08/27/2019 04:50 AM
  • 10/12/2019 04:39 PM
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