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The Cartographer is a traditional RPG centered on exploration, from the tropical Howling
Island to the cold kingdom of Bornstad.

The world is constantly threatened by Dragons and to fight them, the "old ones" forged the
Dragon Swords- powerful blades that only the Slayers could wield. Whenever a Slayer died,
his descendant would inherit the title.

The story starts in the kingdom of Althendria, when grim news arrive about the far-away campaign
against the dragon Myrniar. The Kingdom's Dragon Slayer has died and immediately the King sends
various messengers throughout the nation in search for his only son, the rightful heir to the title.
One of the messengers reaches Cinnamon Town...


Reuben Rainard grew up moving from one town to another and was always on the
road accompanying his father in the laborious task of hunting Dragons.
Determined to find his own path in life, he stays and opens an Inn in Cinnamon Town- but little did
he know that fate and destiny had other plans for him.

Alina Flagg is a black wizard with a strong adventurous spirit and
a charming curiosity of magic - wanting to learn everything there is to know about it.
Due to her knowledge in ancient cultures, Alina is called to join Arcturus in his expedition
to a mysterious Island that is said to be the core of the ancient Yaxtual Civilization.

Arcturus Mortem was born in the Western land of Epherdon. His parents, however,
were originally from Bornstad. Having witnessed the destructive power of Regnar the Dragon Arcturus
obsesses over them and after years of research has begun to understand their behavior- noticing a pattern
in their landings on the planet. But to conclude his studies he needs the help of a Slayer to reach the
legendary Howling Island.

The Cartographer project started as an excuse to experiment with the mapping in VX, trying to leave behind some of its squareness by slightly editing and mixing its RTP, and of course, working within the program's standard tile spaces. Hopefully RMVX users may use this to see ONE way of mapping. If it is good or bad is up to your interpretation.
The game is completely unencrypted for you, to not only show how the maps are put together but also to show how the cutscenes/dialogues are evented. We still hope you give the story a chance and play through it as it was intended though.
If you get something useful out of this- then our work is done. Leave your thoughts for us to view!

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  • 05/05/2009 09:56 AM
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  • 05/26/2009
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Amazing game, wonderful reworkings of the RTP to make things unique and interesting.
I really, really like the mapping in this game. Like, a lot.
So far I've enjoyed the demo however a bug stopped me from being able to play (as I don't have the means to edit). Said bug is in the ogre campsite, after having looked at the spell... my character is now a spirit only - meaning I have no body. It's kinda hard to talk to people/find your way around when you don't know where you are. ^.^
Despite that, it's been pretty good. I really liked the little frog marsh area and the general idea is rather cool.
Try to go back inside the ruins at the orc camp, a "change player graphic to transparent" got passed by
So for I'm up to the part where Arcturus gets the Purity and i love this game already. But i did notice a few bugs such as, characters dialogue running off the screen and invisible walls. Still a great game though.
Well i beat the game in about 4 1/2 hours and i thought the game was great other than it being to short and some spelling and grammar problems. Looking forward to more games from you and a possible The Cartographer 2 :)
A great game. Still haven't won yet.
Amazing game! Misaos are definitely on the way. The characterization was great, I always love the "unlikely hero" themes.
I loved this game!!! ONE OF THE BEST SO FAR...please tell me there will be a sequel...please...
I love the game so far!!! But I have one question, after leaving the orc campsite the second time you have the option of taking the orc warrior with you or not. Does taking him along with you result in a bad ending or are you better off not taking him along? Thanks.
I really love how hilarious this game is <3
It seemed shorter than what i usually play but i really love this game,uh i might of come across a glitch although.I don't think I was suppose to be able to walk on the deeper parts of the ocean because i accidentally landed myself there when i was exploring around the jagged rocks and stuff.
@Aquathird just click ''escape'',go down and chose ''save

Is there a walktrought for this game? I'm stuck in a place.
Thanks i didnt see that you can roll it down! well i have to restart.
i leveled from 5 to 7 with reuben and my attack falled from 48 to 35 why?
same happened to arcturus 7 to 8 too
That probably happened because you had used Dragon Valor on them, the strenght didnt decrease it just returned to its unbuffed statet... that even with the increase of the new level wasnt higher then the buffed strenght....if that makes sense xD
Very good game!Still sad it ended up too quickly.Like how it says "Nothing good lasts too much" uh well.Looking forward for more great games.
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