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The prologue to what's at some point going to be a disruptive narrative-driven tragedy encompassing three acts. Introducing the main actors as well as part of the supporting cast, this intro aims to set the stage for the things to come.

Peek inside a world that's both dreamy and forlorn. Relive a broken memory from a shattered conscience. Follow three individuals venturing into the dreadful abyss of everyday insanity. Torn apart between the unrelenting maelstroms of collective behaviour and their own primal impulses, a true recipe for disaster is created.
Watch, what blood looks like through rose-coloured glasses. Listen, as Trachi calls.

Technical Stuff:
The chapter is more or less complete, bar bugfixing and fine-tuning. Everything should function as it's supposed to be, but weird stuff might happen nonetheless. I'd therefore be very grateful for feedback and suggestions of any kind.

Playtime should be around an hour, two at most, depending on reading and progression speed.

Thank you Darren Curtis for your wonderful music. Thank you Yanfly and Tyruswoo for the variation of plugins you provided.

Latest Blog

Quick Update


sorry for the lack of updates!
Unfortunately, my bachelor's thesis and other stuff have taken up more of my time than I originally expected. However, work on the first chapter of Trachi has begun in early December and the opening scenes are coming along nicely, I dare say. Meanwhile, raw sketches of what's going to happen in the first movement are also mostly done.

I'll try to post another update around mid to late January.

Happy holidays to you and see you next year!
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