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  • nouremz
  • 06/13/2021 12:16 AM

I've been working on Trachi pretty extensively over the last week. As you might have noticed, I've uploaded a bunch of screenshots recently, since I've finally got around to focus on mapping for a few days straight.

As a result: All the outdoor areas are now done, barring minor cosmetic changes.
To put it into perspective: The prologue had around 30 maps.
Right now, we're sitting at around 90 for the main game and 120 in total.

On the narrative side, I'm in the process of playtesting the game from start to finish. So far, I've managed to look at the majority of the first act. I'll try to get the other two done within the next days.

So all in all, it's coming together. Cleaning up is always time-consuming, but on the other hand also very satisfying in places. I replayed through the prologue as well two days ago and went to work some more on remaking it in the new tileset. They're still somewhat rudimentary, but I'll try to post a few screenshots of the redesigned areas next week.

In any case, I'll be back with a detailed look at another character, tomorrow.

Have a nice one until then.