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Progress Report

Teaser and Status

Hey Friendos,

it's been a minute since I've posted a proper update on the status of Act. So let me use this one to catch up on a few things.

First of all, the Teaser for Act 1 has been released:

I had a lot of fun experimenting with lighting and footstep sounds, and I'm very excited to implement them properly and retrocactively from now on.

As for the general status of Act 1:
All but two important characters have been remade and implemented.

I have also finished the first batch of NPCs today. Right now, I'm sitting at 29, however I expect this will increase to around 50-ish by the end of of it.

With at least a few of the sprites implemented, I can also finally show a some more parts of the city.

I've attached two screenshots showing two different areas, both being integral to the events not only of the first Act, but for Trachi as a whole. Feel free to check them out, below.

After spending the better part of the last two weeks on generating characters, it feels great to finally put them into place.

There's still some kinks to work out, but the city is at last starting to feel alive and bustling by the day.

In any case, I'll be back soon with more stuff.

Have a great time until then



Rondham District Central

Progress Report

The Fury of Hermingrad

REDACTED was born on the 15th November 1901 in Kenwich.

Initiated into the Endo-Kathartic Department (EnKaD) on the 3rd of March 1920, she was henceforth known by her assigned codename, Daphne.

A graduate in the field of behavioural psychology, Daphne distinguished herself in her role as a field counsellor during a wide range of domestic assignments.

Her most prominent achievement was the retrieval of an agent during the Hermingrad-Incident in 1922.
An enforcer named Leucippus had prematurely liquidated one of his targets, and subsequently went AWOL in order to avoid admonition.

Three days after Daphne's arrival, Leucippus turned himself in and presented a full account of the events.

Her success in Hermingrad subsequently caught the eye of the Secretary for Internal and External State Security, Terrence Prawnfield.

On the 6th of June 1923, Daphne was thus summoned to the offices of the newly amalgamated Ionian Intelligence Secretariat (IIS) to discuss her potential participation in operation arteria, scheduled to take place in August of the same year.

Progress Report



in the last prog report, I promised to put out more infos on Act 1. And so I shall.

Keep in mind I'm not good at deciding what's a spoiler and what's not. So I will just flag the lot of it as such.

As of today, I've finished the first half of act 1, as far as polishing goes. Barring minor changes.

Tone-wise, Act 1 will continue where the Prologue left off. The story will cover the events of the entire first day with a lot of jumping back and forth. Events shown are taking place days, months or years apart.

Most of the prominent threads from the prologue will be picked up again, some of which are going to play a big role in the developments of the first act. In addition, a heap of new characters are also introduced, especially on the Trachian side of things.

Some sections in Act 1 will once again be played in a party, the main game(s) will however primarily feature a single individual.

Another big change is that whereas the prologue was conceptualised as a journey, Trachi is the destination. As such, it will be a lot more hub-based than its predecessor. My hope is, that Trachi will have a comfy feeling at first, while slowly becoming more and more deranged.

For the first act, about half of the city will be explorable and I'm planning to add a lot of side-stuff. I'm continuously trying to clean needless exposition from the dialogue, which means I can use that material to fluff the world up a bit.

On another note: I started to implement things such as footstep sounds (Yanfly) and lighting (ImaginaryVillain) in a few places. You can see an example of the latter, in the image I'll upload in a sec.

In any case though, doing good progress, I think.
See you soon.

Progress Report

From Trachi to Kenwich

Hey friends,

I've just released the 1.1 (Kenwich) update of the prologue. There's quite a few changes, some of which I'll cover here. They can loosely be categorized into two categories:

  • Dashing is now possible by holding "Shift"

  • Keyboard Reconfiguration (Yanfly)
    Keybinds can be changed in the "Options" tab

  • Message Backlog (Yanfly)
    Displays a log of the last 30 messages
    Bound to "E" by default

  • Message Speed (Yanfly)
    Can be adjusted in the "Options'' tab

  • Message and name box windows have been revamped

  • Task bar Icon added

  • Version number will now be displayed in the title screen

  • Several events were adjusted slightly, with some of the later stages of the prologue being drastically revamped

That should cover most of it. I've also set up the general functionality for a chapter select option and an in-game Journal/Encyclopedia. Both will be fully implemented at a later date.

I'll also release more information on Act 1 within the next days.


Round two

Alright lads, this is a big one.

As always, though, I'll start with an apology on how I missed last week's report. In addition, I have also not managed to work much on the main game of Trachi, barring a few changes here and there.

The reason for that, is that replaying the prologue made me realize how very much lacking it was in many different respects. Remember how I said that I'd actually remake it at some point after I released the main game? Well, as it turns out, I've changed the schedule again.

It is with great pride (actually true) that I have just released the second, revisited and in many different ways remastered version of the prologue.

For the last week, I've ported and remapped every single area into the SFM tilesets. I also went ahead and implemented an (almost) entirely new soundtrack along with a few pieces of SFX here and there. Lastly, certain narrative sequences in were adjusted, expanded, or in rare cases, cut altogether.
All of these changes give the prologue a much closer resemblance to the main game and thus the entire package should fit together a lot better.

So for anyone interested, I'd highly encourage you to start out with this version of the prologue. It will lead directly into the main story of Trachi, which will be released at some point this year.

As always, I am very appreciative of any feedback you might have. If you should encounter any bugs or other imperfections, please feel free to let me know.

In any case, it's 4 AM where I live. So I'll cut this short here and finally go to sleep.

Hope you have an amazing weekend.
Kindly yours,

Progress Report



I've been working on Trachi pretty extensively over the last week. As you might have noticed, I've uploaded a bunch of screenshots recently, since I've finally got around to focus on mapping for a few days straight.

As a result: All the outdoor areas are now done, barring minor cosmetic changes.
To put it into perspective: The prologue had around 30 maps.
Right now, we're sitting at around 90 for the main game and 120 in total.

On the narrative side, I'm in the process of playtesting the game from start to finish. So far, I've managed to look at the majority of the first act. I'll try to get the other two done within the next days.

So all in all, it's coming together. Cleaning up is always time-consuming, but on the other hand also very satisfying in places. I replayed through the prologue as well two days ago and went to work some more on remaking it in the new tileset. They're still somewhat rudimentary, but I'll try to post a few screenshots of the redesigned areas next week.

In any case, I'll be back with a detailed look at another character, tomorrow.

Have a nice one until then.

Game Design

Codename: Daphne

Hey guys,

as promised, here is the second post focussing more on background information. This time, as the title suggests, we're going to have a look at our second main character, known by her handle Daphne.

Again, the following paragraphs will be hidden in order to not give too much away.

While setting up the characters during development of the prologue, Daphne probably went through the most iterations out of all the characters. I always wanted her to be a headstrong character who's not afraid to speak her mind. In some way, she thus often serves as a catalyst for the other characters to state their own opinions, which makes her an absolute joy to write.

However, and I think you gathered as much from the early parts of the prologue, she also has a serious and vulnerable side. Her past will be dealt with during Trachi in some degree, but I'm planning to save most of it for the inevitable sequel.

As for Trachi, her role within the group is two-fold. Her main objective is to facilitate and maintain a channel of communications between Ionia and assets within the Trachian administration. So in some way, she's a liason.
The second, more unofficial part, is for her to ensure that Atlas will fulfil his objective according to the mission parameters. But, and I think you gathered as much from the prologue already, her interest in him is not exclusively professional.

Beyond that, however, a big focus will be in her interactions with Ganymede, as well. The two of them will come to work together in several instances and we'll see her trying to come to terms with her role as a guide for him, while Atlas is out doing Atlas things. In the end, I think the relationship between Ganymede and Daphne will be one of the most interesting threads to follow not only within Trachi, but beyond.

Progress Report

Where we @


I'm a day and a half early with this, but considering that the report schedule is all over the place anyway, I hope you guys don't mind too much.

In any case... I've been hammering at day three stuff pretty extensively over the last couple of days. This means that I had to fill in a bunch of scenes while rewriting and streamlining others.

That being said, day three is now officially complete. At least in theory. I gotta say, I did get super emotional towards the end, seeing as a narrative that I've put more than six hundred hours into finally takes shape. I've grown incredibly fond of all the characters and at this point it feels like they've written themselves, for the most part.

But I'm digressing.
I'll try and playtest the later stages of day 2 to day 3 over the couple of next days. Though I don't expect to run into a lot of trouble, this might however take some time.

While I'm doing this, though, I'll also try and work on the scenes of the entire game, especially in regards to things such as sound design. I put in a few effects here and there, when they were integral to the narrative. Going forward though, I expect that I'll be able to focus on more ambient sounds, as well as a few side-tracks.

With that in mind, let's recapitulate what's still missing and where we are on the roadmap. The primary things, apart from those mentioned, consist of beautifying the maps, adding more NPCs and interactive objects in order to serve as exposition.

There's a lot of background information that doesn't really fit into the main narrative without making it too bloated. However, one of the most important things for me is to create a world which is believable in some sense. For that matter, there will eventually be tons of optional documents and other pieces of information for you to sift through, if you so desire.

In any case, though. Concerning future release dates, I likely stated every possible release scheme imaginable during the course of the individual prog reports. It's still not set in stone, but right now, I am very inclined to wrap up the main story and get it to a somewhat presentable format. Once that is done, I'd very much like to release a playable Alpha soonish. Mainly because I am itching very much to share with you the results of the past sixteen months. But also because I would very much appreciate your feedback.

I'll write more on this topic in the next progress report. Apologies that I haven't released much material as in screenshots and the like. Although the maps are getting to a point where I'm comfortable sharing them, I am kind of reluctant to share too much, still. Since a big portion of the game is the story and I'm still unsure as to what constitutes a spoiler and what not, I thus ask for your continued patience.

Oh and one last thing:
I've decided to split the progress reports and other stuff such as character backgrounds into two different sections. This means that those of you that are subscribed will get more notifications. I'm sorry about that. But I hope that since we're getting closer and closer to a release, this won't agonize you too much.

Alright, that it's for real now.
Have a splendid weekend and such.
Much love

Progress Report

Can we all agree it's Saturday, the 22nd?

Yo guys,

as always, sorry about the delay. I didn't get to work on Trachi an awfully lot during the last two and half weeks, since I moved into a new appartment and also had a big presentation of my project at Uni yesterday.

Furthermore, day three is proving to be more of a bitch than I originally expected. There's a lot of threads that still need connecting and I'm more or less put into the situation where I need to find a good conclusion that transitions the story into it's post-trachian state, while also being satisfying enough to properly conclude this chapter.

That said: I want to use this opportunity to talk a bit about the general structure, not only concerning Trachi, but also the world it is set in. I haven't done this so far for two primary reasons:
One is that I was still fiddling with the story a lot . The other reason is that I'm always a bit unsure in regards to how much I should give away. That's why the previous progress reports have been mostly confined to general information, without going into too much detail about most things.

In any case, though. From now on, I'll try to append a section going more in-depth about certain aspects. This could be either details regarding characters, location and other in-game stuff, but also my approach to building a narrative. These segments will be hidden and I'd encourage you to avoid those sections if you want to have your expectations kept unpolluted. If you don't mind it, then feel free to keep reading.

So let's talk about one of Trachi's characters a bit.
You've met some people already in the prologue, and if I didn't mess it up entirely, you're anxious to see how they're going to be developed further. Naturally, you'll get to see a lot of the important characters again in the main game. One of the things I'm proud of is the fact that a lot of secondary and tertiary characters play a big role and follow their own specific agenda.

I've been trying to think about who the actual protagonist and antagonist of the game is, but I'm struggling to come up with a conclusive answer. That is mainly because one of my priorities is to showcase events from a lot of different perspectives.

In the prologue, you've mostly played as Atlas. However, large parts of Trachi will be explored from the viewpoint of Ganymede. He's probably the character which I had most trouble with, since I didn't want him to be your typical good-willed young adolescent, but also showcase his lack of experience working in foreign territory. You can see spots of this during the prologue, where he struggles to cope with some specific events. Whether as a curious young lad on his first mission, or the broken man it left him, Ganymede is certainly someone who had to take a few punches in his time.

One of the big questions the prologue left open is how his particular transformation came to be. Or in other words – what made him become the man he is. You've seen some of the scenes showcasing bits of his debriefing, and there will be a lot more of those in the main game.

Furthermore, you will also see bits of him recollecting memories of his childhood. As for the character itself, I expect him to be the slow-burner of the cast. I do love him, the same way that I love every member of the cast. But it's undoubtedly the case that the Ganymede you see in Trachi is someone who hasn't found his place, yet. Regardless, for me, his particular perspective might be one, if not the most important among all of them.

Oh and one more thing: Concerning a release date of a playable version... I'll try to have something finished by the end of summer, but it might be also take until autumn. I'd like to have Trachi as a project finished by April next year at the latest, but that depends on how much polishing and fine-tuning is going to be required.

In any case, I'll try to give you another report Saturday next week. Have a splendid time until then.

Progress Report

Back on track


good news: The first day is more or less finished and playable. I still need to implement a few more NPCs and adjust a few scenes, but other than that, it's mostly done. The main thread of Day two is also roughly finished. It's thus possible to play from the prologue all the way to the end of Day two. Hurray!
Next up, I'll work more on Day three. It's pretty amazing seeing the story finally come to it's conclusion and I can't wait to share it. Nevertheless, the game still needs a heap of work. Not only to be playable, but also enjoyable and well-paced.
As mentioned before, the story will continue after the conclusion of Trachi. However it's still hard to gauge which form that's gonna take.
I've been playing with the idea of releasing information on characters and such, now that their role is already set. I'll try to do something like that, soon.
In any case, I'll be back in two weeks (hopefully).
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