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A lot of work goes into restoring your HP and MP - Sarah

This game is a slice of life look behind the scenes of the ubiquitous JRPG Inn. Playing as Sarah, you will need to make sure the Inn is clean and stocked with food for the adventurers who arrive each evening expecting a warm bed and hearty breakfast.

Cook the right food, and charge the right prices to turn a profit and achieve a five-star rating. That doesn't mean you have to put up with obnoxious guests.

Features in Aug '19 Demo:
- Fishing Minigame
- Cooking system
- A small selection of adventurers who are picky eaters
- One day/night cycle
- Two bad ends and a hidden end to discover

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  • coelocanth
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Simulation
  • 08/31/2019 06:35 PM
  • 03/28/2020 06:39 AM
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Looks really fun I can't wait to play it
Thank you from This Game,I know it is demo but I want full Game in moring if I can Give every one list and he tell me what needs in the list
Hey... When will the full version of this game? Ive been searching for something like this since a long time... I would love a full version of this game, which, by the way, has beautiful graphics... A nice story and minigames would be perfect <3
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