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Welcome to the Will Island level pack for SMBX :)

Will Island has

  • 4 small islands (Worlds)

  • 45 SMBX levels to explore

  • Every level has a different theme

  • Custom lua code and vanilla gimmicks

Every level was made with love, and with a goal to make something pretty and memorable. Some of them were also made for different contests.

I've been making levels for this engine starting from late 2012. The level styles range everywhere from puzzle levels to exploration, romps, and minigames. Most of the levels should be easy/medium difficulty.

The levels were made by me, but the graphics and the music are often rips from very old games and other sources. There are further credits inside the level folders, and you are always welcome to ask if you want to know where some specific graphics are from. Also I used A2XT SMBX version of the engine as a base, so the player character "Demo" is from there for example.

You will need SMBX2 pal (06 2019) for MAGLX3 to play this.

Report any engine bugs to https://discord.gg/aCZqadJ, and you can also PM me to give feedback, and if something breaks the episode.

The logo/title image was made by Yetanotherpixel.

Latest Blog

Land of the blood and dark.

Space Funeral was a huge inspiration here. I kinda feel like remaking some of these levels, but that will be at the other time. This will likely be the last video I make of this game, barring some huge future updates with the engine.

Thank you for watching!


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This looks like a top shelf smbx content. I hope one of the local engine specialists gives it a run for it's money soon. Maybe try to contact Halibabica about a review.
Thanks for the idea. I sent them a message on Twitter about it.
Is there any way i can do to speed up the loading time? Each level takes like one minute to load in my device..
Is there any way i can do to speed up the loading time? Each level takes like one minute to load in my device..

Do you mean the loading screen on the map after completing a level? Sadly I have not been able to figure out how to speed that up. If you want to skip that, then you can also open the levels directly in the editor and play them there.
yeah, that one and the loading screen when you load a level. i think i have become used to the loading time though so i might just wait it out if i'm too lazy to learn how to use the editor. thanks for the suggestion!
It seems that the ddr level is so laggy in my device. Is there any way i can make it smoother? I dont think i can finish the stage like that.
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