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Land of the blood and dark.

Space Funeral was a huge inspiration here. I kinda feel like remaking some of these levels, but that will be at the other time. This will likely be the last video I make of this game, barring some huge future updates with the engine.

Thank you for watching!


Dancing Luigi - World 4 Part 2 - And a new update.

Above video contains the last huge level I made for a contest.

The main goal with the design was to use all the skills I had acquired so far, and take every advantage I could in order to make something NEW and PERSONAL. Sadly the code is still kinda bad, and the level does lag a lot on slower computers, as such the player can skip it if they so want.

Also as a news:
SMBX Beta 4 got its first Patch, that fixes many bugs from the earlier version. It is definitely worth downloading, though I'll have to check that everything still works at some point.



I've added a new download for the episode, that works with the latest version.

***As a note, the level "Boo Mansion" cannot be cleared currently, due to the latest SMBX2 update (beta4) breaking the Snake Block NPC. I hear it will be fixed on the next SMBX2 patch though, and that level can fortunately be skipped anyway.

You need to download the game here to play this episode.

Made sure all the levels work on the latest version.
Changed levels around on the first world, to push the harder level back.
Balanced some levels to be easier, and hopefully more fun.


The Mushroom Kingdom Fusion World

These are the latest levels I have made for this game, all remakes from MMKF. They feature lot of custom lua, like the red coin counter, boss health bars, and various custom enemies and parallax backgrounds.

BTW, I might be able to record videos for other people too, if they want me to try their SMBX episode, or some other game. My new PC is good enough to record and edit videos without taking too much time. Full screen applications work too. Note that I might not complete the game.


Winter Island - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I'm currently waiting for SMBX beta 4 to update my game again. Also here is a new video. Two more remain.

This half of the island is for my Winter themed levels. I played a little sloppy, though most of this still was not too much trouble for me. Also my favorite level from this video was the Ghostly Lake. It uses some clever tricks to fake a custom player hitbox without using any lua code+some clever use of fish and quicksand. Also Christmas and snow are one of my favorite themes too.


SMBX Will Island - world 3 part 2

Here is a new video. Also SMBX2 Beta 4 will be coming out in January, which means I'll get to make yet another big update to make sure that everything still works on that. Also there will probably still be 3 more videos for a full playtrough.

I'll also update the download link for the game to the latest version too, once I've tested everything.

The levels on this world were some of my favorites to design. Huge, complicated, and often on just one large map. These tend to look cool when zoomed out on the editor.


The Island of Desert and Castles.

Theme for world/island 1 was fields and meadows.
Theme for world/island 2 was sky and water.
Theme for world/island 3 will be desert and fortresses.

Today I went for the desert path.

I had a tutorial for making custom rasterization effect on Photoshop, which was used a ton on the level on the thumbnail. Very happy with how it turned out.


Into the second island!

World 2!

This is the place where the gimmicks and the themes ramp up some. Also I did a lot of small fixes to get the lua in these levels to work on the latest SMBX, as well as lot of graphical work. Especially the "Cat Planet" level had a graphical overhaul.

As a reminder, many of these levels were made on the old SMBX editor, and use various tricks/hacks to make the graphics work. I encourage people to look into the level files and see how everything works.

And I can still answer questions too :)


Full World 1 playtrough.

Here is me playing trough the world 1 of my game. Second video may take a whileto make.


Small patch V.1.0.3

- Fixed shaders not working anymore on the "Some Mushrooms" and "Dark Prince" levels.
- Added coins to indicate the exit on the "Welcoming Season" level.

I'm currently working on recording a playtrough of the whole game. It'll be up later on my Youtube channel.
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